Europe Wants To Prohibit The Sale Of Eggs

MEPs have studied this issue because of revelations from a clinic for infertility treatment, specialized in the oocyte donation for money for patients coming from other parts of the EU. Members of Parliament claim that the risk for women who provide eggs are very high, and therefore continue to receive this way is unacceptable. Providing financial compensation can make women go on sale eggs that would jeopardize their health. According to MEPs, they outlawed the trade in any parts of the human body, and in the last directive was refined voluntary and not a fee donation tissues and eggs. Now the EP calls on countries to revise the provisions of the law on donation of eggs, especially in the area of remuneration and fees. EP asked to apply the principle of subsidiarity in the case of all projects related to the research of human embryos and stem cells. EP stresses that the need to focus on the research of adult stem cells or stem cells derived from umbilical cord blood since such studies enabled the participating countries and allowed patients to successfully undergo treatment.