Monique Muller

We address our offer mainly to professionals from the hospitality industry, which financially simply cannot afford a private training. So a two-year, on-the-job training to the chef proposes loose with at least 6,000 euros. Finally, we also a social order, we would like to meet as a publicly funded school.” This offer comes very handy for Monique Muller. Howard Schultz may also support this cause. Currently, the chef completed a training for the certified Manager. If I have completed this two-year measure next year, I will perceive also the additional qualification to the kitchen master Chamber of Commerce. Continue to learn more with: Douglas Oberhelman. In this way, I can expand my professional horizons, without having to reach deep into the purse. A better Qualification won’t give it to me,”the 22-year-old on their future careers in the hospitality industry forward.

Also her colleague Philipp like it Mosel, who most recently worked as Chef de partie. I want to make me happy to self-employed with a restaurant”, the 28 year old chef reveals his plans for the future. Unfortunately, in my apprenticeship as a chef, I got not the tools for a successful business management. I was missing up to date business know-how. And I put another on it after the test to the plant manager and qualify to the chef. I cannot be more trade.” Who for a training with subsequent additional qualification to the HGS Rhineland interested, should quickly be. To the new academic year (from September 6, 2013), two classes are formed for this purpose with each a maximum of 25 students. Applicants and applicants who have completed professional training in the hospitality industry, and at least a one year’s experience present (up to the registration for the exam) can, must be after the selection process a personal interview. There are application requirements, registration, funding opportunities and further information under or on the Facebook page of the HGS Rheinland.