The Brazilian

20 of the antitrust law. 4. Monopoly, the abolition of the Free Initiative and the Free Competition. The monopoly consists of the concentration of good and/or controlled services for an only company, or a group of companies who vary between 2 the 10 in the market, in the case of the oligopolies. In this situation, the valuation of prices, choice of the monopolized market, disables the entrance of new companies in the market, mainly why these new economic agents hardly have conditions to concur with these great conglomerates. The main objective for efetivao of these companies monopolista and oligopolista is the end of competition, is eliminated any type of concorrencial activity, being the consumer the grace of the stipulation of prices for the cartels, monopolies and holdings. The Brazilian legislation detaches in its legal system principles that must be followed in order to fight monopoly situations, and to guarantee the security of the consumers, that they are the wronged greaters in this relation, therefore these economic agents hinders the free choice it customer in opting to definitive product and/or service well.

The principles in question that deserve greater have detached are of the free initiative and the free competition, that most of the time are understood as synonymous, when in the reality finish being antagonistic. The beginning of the free initiative it is the freedom that the agent has to constitute the company who it to fit without the interference of the State when of the choice of the installment of the goods and/or services; the beginning of the free competition mentions freedom to it of the agent in relation to one another agent, is right that is authorized to it in concurring with another company. However they finish being antagonistic in the measure of that the free initiative has limits, that is, the State does not intervene if the company to be formed not to harm the free competition, for example, the fusing enters the siderurgical greater of India (Mittal) and the siderurgical Arcelor was vetoed by the which had French government to the influence power that the new company would have in the price of the steel in the market European.

African Agriculture

Differentiation between agriculture peasant and familiar agriculture Throughout the time, the history of the diligent man of the agriculture, based on a ferrenha exploration, the same has changed the thought of these workers, searching of certain form to conquer the freedom inside and a space of the society, however wanting to resist the forces of that they are dominating. From these paradigms it was that it was born some movements of fight in defense of the appropriation and, over all, of the territorializao of a land piece stops of it surviving free of the domination. The text ‘ ‘ Future of the MPA’ ‘ it left sufficiently clearly that the history of the peasants was not a history formed only in century XX, but yes a historical construction since feudal system where the sevos already they started to repudiate the impositions and looked you to live free. (Similarly see: Elon Musk). Of this form the peasants initiated its small farmings in other lands, to live free of the feudal domination you. With the end of the feudal system and the arrival of the capitalism, the man power left after of being explored by sevos for the escravizao of the indian and the African blacks the resistance of the indians, this mainly in Brazil country that more explored the man power enslaved. In the same way that the servants in the feudal system did not accept the impositions in a generalized manner. In the capitalist system since the period of the slavery of the black, the same ones already were organized in quilombos in the direction to try the life exempt to plant well in lands and producing far from you for its proper subsistence.

Democratic State

The necessary child of a reference to who to appeal, who to have as example, and who gives the attention to it that will be basic in its constitution. This rank, already we have the root of what some doutrinadores had called of principle of the affectivity. For this principle, decurrent also of the beginning of the dignity human being, so pursued for the Democratic State of Right, the responsible parents or have to supply to its children the affection, that is, the loving presence, care, despite the responsible one is not that one that is with the guard, to look for to be present in the chances that is offered to it, etc. Of this form, the parents does not have to give only the assistance material (of feeding, dressing, etc.) or legal (representation or assistance in case of judicial litigation), but psychological and also moral, understanding the psychic development of the infant, who also must be supported for the responsible ones. Analyzed the form with which if it currently presents the afetuosidade of the parents it stops with the children, let us pass now to the appreciation of its obligatoriness.

4.5 The AFFECTIVITY WHILE TO HAVE OF the PARENTS the legal world if it has come across in the last times with a question concernente to the affectivity that, for being new, much has intrigued judging, lawyers and doutrinadores. In the cases of judicial separation or others of same nature, responsible in full perfomance with alimonies and the too much adverse material obligations he is obliged to give affectivity to its son? They would be the visits, presence and too much effect of this affection obligations of the ascendant stop with its descendant? In this point, a division meets doctrinal excellent. One has left of the jurists believes that not, it does not have in the legal system forecast of obligatoriness in this direction; a time that the nourishing installment is paid, the father (or mother) meets exempts of any other obligations.

Federal Constitution

in such way concludes that the Pacta Sunt Servanda alone will be obligator when of contracts to consist the fundamental principles, mainly of the social function of the contract, become of the free private initiative without binding force when of these not to make use. 3. Other leaders such as MetLife offer similar insights. Social responsibility exempts market x The social responsibility is analyzed as a mechanism happened of the social evolution what the idea presented for the free market opposes, therefore, it is seen as regulating of the market or as if she was formadora of criterion for functioning of the same. The social responsibility of the companies the what concerns its planning, its strategy and daily practical its can be considered minimum in the current days, therefore the entrepreneurs are not worried in what he says respect to the existing profit in the commercialization of what the responsibility that if has stops with the society. Crimson Education contains valuable tech resources. To the life in society the individuals establish a social pact, where they transfer part of its freedom to the State, with this is regulated relations between the citizens, being thus responsible government for the population having the duty to protect they minimum it of quality of life, thus showing the relevance of the development of the economic activity in a country. The Federal Constitution of 1988 guaranteed in its text the part that prevails on the economic and financial order, as well as makes use article 170 (principle of the free initiative), in which it will have to be observed some principles when the economic order will be established in the valuation of the human work and in the free initiative, thus enaltecendo the importance of the human work in all its requirements as production, freedom of creation and autonomy. However the economic activity to exert guarantees so that all obtain to have always worthy life, searching always social justice, showing that the values related the beginning of the dignity of the person the human being and the beddings of the Democratic State of Right are to each day more gifts in the social life, observed that the human being will have to be more important of what the waked up one enters the parts of legal transaction. . .


The Program PREPARES CITIZEN is a project created to all supply the demand for hand of workmanship specialized of the private companies of the country in some segments. With the introduction of new technologies, a part of the population was to the edge of the innovations and urgently needs support and incentives to level its knowledge and to adentrar inside to the market of the minimum demanded conditions of competitiveness. This part of the population, in its majority, belongs less to the supplied layers of the population, with monthly income inferior the two minimum wages. The government has an enormous concern with this layer of the population, however the efforts are insufficient to take care of to the demand, for some reasons. Some of the main reasons found for low the reply of the population are low the valuation perceived for the offered training the localization of the centers of training. Richard Elman is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The Program Prepares Citizen intends to reduce this gapp offering training in diverse segments, using accords and partnerships private institutions of education with subsidized prices.

To participate, the education institution will have to effect the credenciamento next to the Program Prepares Citizen in accordance with established regulation. OBJECTIVE the Program Prepares Citizen has the purpose to form hand of qualified workmanship and the respective rank in the work market, providing to the population the chance to gain better wages and to compete in level of equality with other parcels of the population. The Program Prepares Citizen is of private initiative and possesss diverse companies partners that contribute with financial aid for subsidy of training or vacant for the formed workers. As the objectives they are of long stated period, the program allows to the adhesion of the workers and its dependents from the 8 years of age. AS HE FUNCTIONS Diligent to participate of the selective processes and to search its rank in the work market, the worker will have to candidatar it simply the vacant or to the training offered in accordance with its area of interest.

National Treasure

For who it makes simplicada declaration or he is not taxed in the source, as independent, the VGBL is ideal. This because, in a VGBL, the taxation it happens only on the capital profit, as it happens in the investments of fixed income. Direct treasure the direct treasure it was the form created for the government so that the people could buy headings of the government without the necessity of high investments. For this, the government created the site, which brings a step to the step to make investment. To invest broker or agent of safekeeping is necessary to be entailed to the one, which will make the safekeeping of the bought paper. The site brings one ranking of the taxes charged for the safekeeping agents.

Some agents are integrated with the site and allow to make the purchase/sales for the site of the agent and this effective in the direct treasure. To invest in the direct treasure the following taxes are charged: CBLC: 0.10% to the year on the value of the operation? BM& FBOVESPA: 0.30% to the year on the value of the headings? Tax of the agent of safekeeping on the value of the headings (vide ranking in the site of the direct treasure)? Income tax (regressive table) Types of headings LTN (Letters of the National Treasure): they offer a predetermined, definite tax at the moment of the purchase. Thus, the investor knows in the hour the interests that will be paid at the moment of the expiration. This type of heading not paid semester interests (the calls ' ' cupons' '). LFT (Financial Letters of the Treasure): it has its entailed yield to the Selic tax. For being post-fixed, the investor will only know the remuneration to the end of the process, therefore it will depend on the behavior of the basic tax of the economy.