How To Compete With KFC

How to compete with KFC in just 7 steps:1) Buy a book professional size 2) Buy a pen, pencil or pen 3) Make a space in your business to write and where you can watch the entire local 4) Write the vision that will carry out which is: Racing kfc 5) Write your vision Make all activities with paper and pencil type 6) Write down your goals Increase your net income improve profit margins Lower operating costs Train What our customers personal purchase more than our customers buy more often increase the number of customers 7) Write down your goals, that is how it will meet its goals Increase your net income check their previous sales preferably in the last year (if not what have you register a month and write) List the three most widely sold products (may be more) Promote these three products, take photographs, or hire a photographer, ask an agency will make an announcement or a graphic designer or write your ad yourself use the same ad to use word of mouth, on fliers, on canvas outside his business, the magazine of the colony or city, at a table to put these products out of sight of people passing outside your local identical as is or as it would serve at home (can protect them with a clear plastic) on the table place your flyers, highlight it on the menu, put them in the presentation of business card and give it to their customers. .. .