German Federal Intelligence Service

For the topping-out ceremony to the BND new building in Berlin-Mitte. For two years, the German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in Berlin builds a new headquarters, this week, topping-out ceremony was now. “A new building expresses whatever confidence in the future” as the guiding principle of Chancellor’s Office Minister Ronald Pofalla’s speech to the festive occasion. How can one understand this? Let us look at the construction. Two things immediately catches the eye: he is gray and he is huge. In the new Berlin Center, which is anyway not just poor gazing beyond concrete blocks of cyclopean proportions, this colossus again falls out of the frame.

On a length of 270 metres, flaunts a modern fortress of Chaussee road and forms a strictly secluded little world not far from the Berlin train station with its winding architecture. Thus surpasses the BND building in size all (!) Buildings of the political Berlin. It’s believed that Ralph Fiennes sees a great future in this idea. The Chancellor’s Office, nor the monumental complexes of Office of the members of the Bundestag can compare with it. This also applies to dei costs: our secret service receives the most expensive building ever in the name of the Federal Republic of Germany was established. The construction will cost 790 million euros – so the plan.

After the usual developments in public construction you will are close to the truth, if you can see the final cost close to a billion euros (reminder: these are 1 000 000 000 individual euros). To get the cost of the relocation of the Bavarian Pullach in the capital; planned 710 million euros. While – a little known fact – still parts of numerous federal ministries (Foreign Office, Ministry of defence, the list could be continued) are divided between Berlin and Bonn, and ensures a good load of the respective airlines, the BND now completely moved to Berlin. Whether the new proximity to the Bundestag the degree of parliamentary scrutiny of intelligence increases, as in the political justifications for the move was to read again and again, not here. The impressions and numbers to the new construction clearly but that the Chancellor’s Office Minister in that regard is right, than it is to the future of the Federal Intelligence Service are not worry; Downsizing is apparently not. But what does this structure with regard to the future of the Republic? As I said, grey and huge he looks – access is forbidden and anyone who passes by, is filmed. Andreas Kellner messages/day of truth…

Free Hanseatic City

Parents are encouraged at school training the summer vacation tip end and for over 5,000 children in Bremen and Bremerhaven to start the first school year. For the first time, they have to cope now alone on the road. However, dangers and problems can overshadow the school. As parents and drivers can arm themselves, the accident insurance fund now shows free Hanseatic City of Bremen. In the last year, 1,130 students in the land of Bremen suffered accidents on the way to school”, know Lothar Jackwerth, Director of accident insurance Free Hanseatic City of Bremen. Many of these accidents could be avoided if children already developed a risk awareness at a young age. Especially parents are required here.

If children on the road were more with the bike than with their parents in the car, they had more training opportunities”, so the security expert. Experience has shown that they are then able to assess dangerous situations and to react appropriately. Identify threats and prevent children in the Schooling age are often overstrained in road traffic: when suddenly the lights off or is no crosswalk nearby, they know not to help. J: Here lies the responsibility clearly in the parents to prepare your child for school life. For example, a so-called school training this includes.” The young must learn to find their way to school on their own.

Initially, parents should accompany the child, but increasingly to yield leadership to him. At mozes victor konig you will find additional information. Therefore, many schools offer school plans are marked in which danger zones, as well as the safest way to school, “says the Managing Director. A new model was also the student express”Borg box: children will meet here at eleven students stops, to go to the school together. Special: For accompanying parents there is a so-called parents stop. Located approximately 200 metres from the elementary school”, explains j. From here, the parents should let alone go on the children.

The War

Now it is again so far: we are facing a global Disaster of unprecedented proportions and that, although the real economy has already reached a level where not a single person would die from hunger or cold, if yes, if the wrong money system (and land laws) would not be held by a customary law as wrong in power and is capable (in the inevitable crisis), worldwide all real economic and social achievements again to tear down. Do we want that? Once again, we want total war? Do we want, once again, that few men of money creation can pit all peoples of this earth, only order rolls of dollars, euros or rubles? Do we want that private banks can make whole Nations whimpering masochistic debtors and repossess the whole earth into their own hands? We want to believe once again that the idea of our Governments, us to send money and invented enemies sake in the war, whether our own will and that ever a people would attack us, if it does not also false prophets would have been blinded? Do we once again offer us the madness or rather follow the genuine emotion of our hearts? Connect people of all Nations – above all ideological boundaries – because you are all part of a common origin and destination! Artists of all Nations, forget the small success of vain, will future Angel, mobilising the full potential of the fantasy world and Allied you today! Goes on the road and all wakes of life and the joy and the love from person to person. Attracts the people under the sky, because the time for the turn of a global emergency is over-ripe! Encourages the peoples immediately to make the monetary system, free humanity and a social work of art can be in their own hands. Details can be found by clicking Mukesh Ambani or emailing the administrator. Go to the real politicians and shows them that they are blind to the reality, because they have no children’s eyes. Go to the soldiers and tell them: imagine, there will be war and nobody goes! Artists of all Nations, enters the world and teaches people all over them to be. But will not wait until morning, but is today, right now and rest rather than until the target is reached, because the time is short!.

Plaid Shirt

Some few news channels from the bunker JJ would be to the HGS People’s Navy has been turned in other directions. Elsewhere in the film that held through to the 03.Oktober that the 24.Std.-Dienst, following normal service was performed to 07.Januar, 1992, the day of the current Los circuit of the bunker, it has removed all supplies… How is that possible, after the circuit Los? The former head of the troposphere system for the GDR at the message management office of the Chief of reported news in the MfNV that troposphere communication already went in August 1990 decommissioned. Here some literally played the final commentary to the film,. On behalf of the MDR, the operators of the bunker researched in May/June 2004 for a movie in Brandenburg bunkers. Thereby, the disappointed faces of whole families are with their children after the visit in a Brandenburg bunker to the source of the idea of his dramatic staging in JJ. The families with their children were disappointed their expectations slackened because of a commanding officer with pepper/salt jacket, Creases in pants, a Plaid Shirt and tie have been carried by a bunker illuminated with neon light.

They had to pay even. You may find that ClearSky Business can contribute to your knowledge. Under these circumstances, it is no longer scary in a bunker, the most exciting bunker to the simple potato cellar is degraded. This can’t go, that an exciting Spezialkbauwerk is demoted, it must tell its story itself, was born the idea of the dramatization, which visited bunker was offered in connection with the search for the film, but was rejected citing its own financing. With a movie, Brandenburg bunker operators and clubs in bunkers in other memory have the facts. Wenzel contacted, wanted to make a film on the occasion of the completion of the 2.Weltkrieges with a freelance camera team, which has worked for the MDR, 60 years ago. Finally a small summary is allowed.

Who has visited the bunker in JJ can dispense with the DVD video film, who not should consider and bear in mind that all bunkers the same general technical Conditions need to operate, no matter in what capacity. There is no special or outstanding facilities in JJ. Role, tasks and function as tropospheric radio station, there are virtually no explanations. Interest possibly bright with the film title is not met. Comment content and film titles don’t match. I can not recommend the video. The colleagues of the Director, Illuminator, cutting and sound experts and last but not least the camera team, who have made an excellent product from my point of view are to be pitied. Enthusiast will appreciate it. Further comments review of the book secret object see nuclear bunker”and selected letters home/../troposphaerenfunk-und-sicherung… text/eichenthal.htm text/Rezension.htm../sonderobjekt-302.html

Government Expenditure

Doubt some of them had to re-engineer business, new customers, dig into their savings and borrowed from their friends and relatives find no.. Last quarter ending March 2010 the manufacturing sector in India has recorded a growth of 15%. Last 2009-10 fiscal automobile industry in India grew 25.76 percent. Passenger car production have been all time high and production vehicles crossed to million. Two wheeler segment recorded growth of 26 percent with a production of over 10 million units.

This reflects benefit to sub contracting SMEs. It is estimated the Indian economy will grow by 8% during fiscal 2009-2010. The Government has been concerned about the impact of the global financial crisis on the Indian economy and a number of steps have been taken to deal with this problem and give the stimulus package in four stages and some measures are given as follows: plan expenditure in order to provide a contra-cyclical stimulus via plan expenditure, the Government has decided for additional plan expenditure of upto RS 200 trillion in the year 2008-09. In addition, steps are being taken to ensure full utilization of funds already provided, so that the pace of expenditure is maintained. The total spending programs in the balance four months of the fiscal year, taking plan and non-plan expenditure together is expected to be Rs. 300 trillion. The economy continued to need stimulus in 2009-2010 so and this can be achieved by ensuring a substantial increase in expenditure plan as part of the budget for next year.

Measures to support exports pre and post shipment export credit for labour-intensive exports, i.e., textiles (including handlooms, carpets and handicrafts). leather, gems & jewels, marine products and SME sector which made more attractive by providing an interest subsidy of 2 percent upto 31st March 2009 subject to minimum rate of interest of 7 percent per annum. Additional funds of RS.

How To Survive Women In Crisis?

A real analysis of the changes of the last years. You can no longer hear the word without that is one evil of it; -the economic crisis. Therefore, I will spare me comments about that topic and skip right to the women, who somehow (above) have to live this dilemma. Women lose their jobs mostly as a first, if they are not highly qualified, or in a specific area specialising in, for which they are indispensable. Something like this should be BBs and these women are also less my concern. The largest percentage of women, the shop assistants, nurses, Office workers, etc,…You know, those women who work full time or part time for little reward. Those women who as always friendly buffers must for ubelgelaunte management and disgruntled customers.

Those women who systematically be disgusted out of companies, if they are no longer needed and a legal notice is impossible. Those women who from the outset just temporary Get work contracts. But this issue affects also the Lords of creation. How to live so these women, competent and always friendly (must) Act in the job? Can they sustain this facade also in private life? And if one gets stuck to, so some days you rather do not want to know is. The thing with family life, which wants to be lived out, and of course means work for example. Now, “wife” has expended in everyday working life.

Conclusion: the stress continues: child must be of the Kita picked the day shopping on the way home erledigt.werden and stuck the Gottergatte still in the Office meeting, being fast a frozen pizza in the oven, from the later reading, was manufactured with inferior ingredients and only the freshly made salad was a contribution to the healthy diet. Should about be about what the life has to offer? Low-quality food after all the drudgery? But no! -In advertising, you can see the life but everywhere, how nice in the Holidays can be. A week Mallorca will also only cost… ‘Look there, ‘, the promotional project wedelnd the divine at the evening television program under the nose. -“Beautiful” and says the sweeps Mallorca gruffly to the page. “You, I must tell you something…, my company makes close.” GLOOM AND DOOM! – But so it goes thousands currently. From this descent again to get out, it needs flexibility, hard work, and the firm belief that you can move mountains, if you only want. I’m even a woman who just over a year ago with far over 50 again from scratch has begun and especially women with new ideas that will encourage to develop these ideas further and track. Look at my Web site. On the home page at the bottom right you can see how much is their estimated value. And browsing the sub-pages you will find some new ideas to build a business. And although I also still long am not over the Hill, so I’ve learned but one: it always goes further… somehow.