Batalla de gallos is a competition of rap or freestyle sponsored by Redbull brand which is held annually and confronts rappers or MCs face to prove who is the best. The competition unfolds in knockout format and involved lots of Spanish speaking countries, in a way that the winner of each country competes in the elimination final to proclaim himself the winner international. Rap has a large component of competition, and these battles or clashes between rappers are held from the beginning of the hiphop, but it was thanks to the promotion of the Batalla de gallos by which have acquired great popularity. So much so that currently used the term battle of cocks for any competition of this type rap. This competition of rap is based on the ability to improvise and combine nursery rhymes in a verbal fight one-on-one between two rappers whose objective is, with ingenuity, creativity and flow humiliate and stay above the rival through rhymes and poetry. The public judged rapper who has had a better performance with its noise and jury decides Finally the verdict.In addition to the prize that the winner, the desire for competition, might demonstrate their skills and make themselves known in the rap world, encourage increasingly more rappers compete in the battle of roosters. Due to the impact that have succeeded, participation in these competitions generates multitude of mentions and visits on websites of rap, thousands of hits on youtube videos, facebook contacts, even appearance in news magazines and television. Do you think that your rhymes must be heard? Dare to compete with your rap?.