Yantalo Peru Foundation

From global trends to the particulate purity: parallel to the clean zone worldwide industry with ever-higher requirements, standards watch discussion platform and faced requirements for the purity of their production methods and products. At the same time, the price war is ever harder. “Utendahl Capital Partners
may find it difficult to be quoted properly. As a result the pressure on costs and innovation increases across all sectors. Against this background, basic issues such as noise reduction, monitoring particle deposition, or the determination of the particulate purity by the automotive industry addressed to medical technology at the lectures and discussions. Also, numerous special topics such as energy and filtration efficiency are on the program in pharmaceutical production. Clean room in the jungle: Keynote by C.

Luis Vasquez is a highlight of the International Congress the principle contribution by C. Luis Vasquez, founder and President of the Yantalo Peru Foundation. The cardiologist reports on the construction of the first green hospital”in the Peruvian Amazon: a diagnostic Center, the new technological standards sets. In his lecture, he explains the challenge in the very rural area of Yantalo to realize modern clean room standards. Other speakers are renowned, international experts such as Koos Agricola (VCCN), Rafael Simao Sousa and Antonio Amaral Nunes (University of Minho) with Marco Viera Lopes (Vieira Lopes), Dr.-ing., Udo Gommel (Fraunhofer Institute IPA), Joachim Ludwig (COLA DIS) and Marc Schmidt and Frank Spehl (AAF air technique). Overall, the Congress holds ten priorities: the future of cleanroom technology, facility management (Cleanroom systems), energy efficiency and clean room testing & monitoring on the first day of the Congress, as well as cleanrooms & hospital, standardization, nanotechnology & measurement, surface cleanliness and services on the second day. Content partners of Messe Frankfurt Academy of Leipzig is the cleanroom.

This is an international jury of experts in an advisory capacity for the high scientific standards of the program.