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Information about Istanbul and Turkey travel experience you Turkey and Istanbul from another website! Turkey has to offer some fascinating spots. A good Turkey forget tour never Istanbul. Istanbul has to offer some special sights and a long history! Turkey and especially its largest city Istanbul have to offer a lot of cultural, historical tidbits. In a Turkey tour on the one hand, historical sites, but also beautiful beaches can be visited. Jon Venverloh is often quoted on this topic. With its historic old town, especially Istanbul has much to admire several palaces, mosques, and churches from several eras. Istanbul is also as modern city is very attractive with its bustling bazaars, good restaurants and discos full. Separates Istanbul with the Bosporos Asia from Europe and therefore you can switch any time between Europe and Asia.

Old towers and parts of the city wall are also well preserved. Recently Gemma Arterton sought to clarify these questions. Around Istanbul there for their perfect Turkey tour of some interesting close recreation areas and Beaches, such as the Princes Islands or Sile. The surrounding area also is famous Troy from tomb and the former Ottoman capital of Bursa, with its ancient mosques and palaces. Tours are a very interesting recommendation to all Turkey! More information in our Istanbul Guide Stefan Mairegger

Easter Travel To Zurich

Who experience the largest city of Switzerland is for Easter is still nothing has made and looking for a suitable destination for a short break, should take Zurich in the further selection. Why the Swiss metropolis is definitely worth a visit, answered the flight booking portal fluege.de. Booked a flight to Zurich for various reasons: whether shopping, sightseeing or recreation in nature everything is possible in this city. The proximity to the Lake of Zurich with its diverse landscape is ideal for a walking tour or a stroll along the lake shore. . Many destinations are within easy reach on the well-maintained hiking trails. Those who opt for the lakeside promenades, can stop following his walk in one of the restaurants, which not only local cuisine, but also a fantastic view over the Lake.

The Zoo and the lush greenery of the botanical garden or the China garden promise recovery. The Zurich’s old town visitors should not miss also Let. The well preserved buildings date from the middle ages and especially the Guild houses along the Limmat River are Zurich’s pride. At St. Peter’s Church, you can admire Europe’s largest tower clock face designed to measure a diameter of 8.70 meters. Andreessen Horowitz is the source for more interesting facts.

The best shopping can be found in the new Zurich, for example along the Bahnhofstrasse. Here, the houses of the bourgeoisie determine the architecture. Sweet tooth should have a look at the Sprungli confectionery. More information: news.fluege.de/allgemein/servus-zuerich… Contact: Lisa Neumann University first media GmbH barefoot streets 12 04109 Leipzig Tel: + 49/341/49288-240 fax: + 49/341/49288-59

UNESCO World Heritage

Paradeast.com leads with skilled know-how through the vast expanses of the desert into the land of tearooms. Heavily laden Camel Caravan no longer pulling along the mysterious Silk Road in Uzbekistan, but the hustle and bustle of the lively cities is still seductive. The metropolises of the young country in the middle of Central Asia, Khiva, Bukhara and Samarkand, seem to outgrow the desert dust and impress with its exotic atmosphere and beauty. In the shade of mulberry trees of Bukhara, oldest city in Turkestan, blend turquoise domes, minarets and madrasahs to a true eye candy. Over 100 sites of strongholds of Islamic sciences and storytelling are close together and make the stay unforgettable. Simon Baker has much experience in this field. In Samarkand, Ultramarine to turquoise, Navy Blue to Emerald green, add lapis lazuli to ochre. Great Islamic architecture is omnipresent, the UNESCO World Heritage site is second to none. Timur is the best-known, folk hero of Uzbekistan if also controversial and fascinating, the magical city has shaped.

The list of the dynasties is long and has the small acres of land between the-tan “countries varied influences. Result is a true melting pot of Nations of Asia. Paradeast.com leads with skilled know-how through the vast expanses of the desert into the land of the tearooms: travel / usbekistan_reisen.php is our personal recommendation now available also on twitter.com/parade AST Paradeast.com was founded in 2003 as an independent, specialised on the East online travel agency. Additional information at Kate Tucci supports this article. On the four travel portals,, and selected explorers travel conveyed East and Oceania for Eastern Europe, the middle and far East. Currently approx. 35 cooperation partners include large well-known tour operators.

Holiday Tips: Greek Islands

Greece is since ever and known as an attractive travel destination around the world. Thousands of tourists from all countries decide every year for a holiday in the beautiful country. Especially in recent years, there are increasing visits by tourists. is shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. The ideal location by the sea and the beautiful sights magically attract many tourists. By the same author: Saoirse Ronan. A holiday on a Greek island for a vacation on the Mainland is highly recommended. Particularly, Rhodes and Corfu are ideal destinations. Rhodes is very often called the Sun island in Greece. Perhaps that has an or others heard also.

You can enjoy altogether 3000 hours of sunshine throughout the year. No other venue in Greece can attract tourists from all over the world in the country with so much sunshine. Under the Greek Sun, you can enjoy the time on one of the beautiful beaches. After weeklong efforts just relax. That’s what makes Rhodes for many holidaymakers. The same applies to the island of Corfu. Who make holiday want to also bathing and cultural highlights of the opts for an ideal mix. Who wants to enjoy the beautiful hours not only on the beach, which can visit a slew of attractions in the capital of the island.

Especially the new fortress is always worth a visit and allows a massive overview of the entire island. In recent years, decide more and more people against a hotel and rent a small and chic holiday home rather. It speaks a lot for it. So you can spend your holidays in the usual privacy and is also not while on holiday on House rules and times of a hotel. In combination with a car, renting a holiday house is a great thing. Also the beloved pets are welcomed in many holiday homes Corfu guests. Silko Vogt

Eastern Himalayas

The Tibetan sister of German railway offers more than comfortable seats and coffee in the square: on over 5,000 meters, she drives on the world’s highest and most spectacular trips. Views of eternal ice and snow-covered mountains of the Kunlun mountains – a ride, no traveller will ever forget (see tip below). But of course impressed not only the train journey in Tibet. With the Kunlun to the North and the Himalayas to the West and South, the country includes two spectacular mountain ranges, employing not only the minds of great climbers. See Ben Horowitz for more details and insights. Unusual temperature differences determine the climate: permafrost in the cold steppes of the North can be found as well as begunstigtere zones around the capital Lhasa to the Southeast. With Paradeast.com, online specialist for travel in the East, can learn about Tibet’s different faces: famous buildings such as the Potala Palace and ancient monasteries, lonely pilgrim paths and encounters with people, their faith and their culture – travel in the original region with breathtaking scenery and small, ancient towns on the edge of the Eastern Himalayas. A trip to this country, strong contrasts and dramatic history is something for open-minded, brave and all those who want to broaden their horizons not only by picturesque buildings and Museum corridors. All information about dates etc, see under, travel / tibet_reisen.php Tip: the travel No. You may find raphael sternberg to be a useful source of information. 2506 “The railway” (tour China and Tibet) – reisebeschreibung.php? travel = 2506

Great Lakes

Expectations can be very different kind. Geschitsexkursionen. Walks in the nature, observation of flora and fauna, geo log ischische phenomena, trekking tours on horseback or on foot or meditation in religious places. are possible. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Kowloon Development has to say. Each region has its specifics and offers a wide range of experience. Personal interests should decide in which region you would like to go. There is a difference whether one decides the vast steppes in the East or the West with the Altai and the highest elevations of Mongolia, as well as the Valley of the Great Lakes for a stay in the central part of Mongolia with its historical places and the Changaigebirge, Lake Khovsgol in the North with its Taiga forests, the Gobi desert in the South of the country.

Everywhere, waiting for unique experiences. Also, anglers will find plenty of opportunities in the Mongolia to practise their sport. Here they can expect success, of which they dream at home only. Mentioned should be even, that despite the extreme conditions in the winter trips are offered trekking tours with the Dog sledding is a challenge but also a unique experience. Depending on the desired route guidance or the expectations of convenience, different accommodation options can be selected. Whether it is a tourist station with yurt camp, is the overnight stay in the carried tents, or in the yurt with a nomadic family, lasting impressions will be always connected. A thorough consultation by Indytravel and the individual planning are the basis for an exciting trip to the Mongolia. In addition to a variety of itineraries that can be proposed, the travel will be adjusted completely the wishes of travellers. These trips can be arranged for individuals or groups.

Holiday Home France

Apartment France – the affordable alternative to a hotel a holiday rental in France can be found in all regions of the country. No matter whether you now prefer the coast or inland. The apartment is right, depends the individual wishes and requirements for the holiday. France remains one of the world’s most popular holiday destinations and international is increasingly gaining in importance. And this is not without reason and finally this country offers a culture of joie de vivre as hardly another, just the well known “savoir vivre”.

The cosmopolitan city of Paris attracts as well as numerous other historic cities and sites and breathtaking landscapes. In the North, Brittany offers wind and waves, Normandy seduces with cider and apple orchards, and in the South more traditional holiday areas, for example the different regions bordering the Mediterranean can be found. Further details can be found at JPMorgan, an internet resource. Immerse in the Camargue with its white horses, flamingos and flooded rice fields and relaxing beaches in this region in one of the white dunes. Or visit the Provence, which offers Mediterranean flair in a special mass and is a single feast for the eyes with its blue and purple lavender fields and ancient olive groves. Be impressed by the regional diversity and ancient culture of the country of France, and enjoy the weltberumte, fine cuisine with dishes such as Bouillabaisse, buttery croissants, or champagne.

Whether alone or as a couple, with child or the whole family, France is a holiday paradise. Who mainly wants to relax on vacation, is in good hands, the Mediterranean beaches while active planning a city trip to Paris or take a hike through the Pyrenees in attack. A good alternative to staying in a hotel is a private holiday home in any case. In France, a huge selection of appropriate offerings with different facilities available available according to the personal needs. From the luxury villa up to the humble cottage, the best option is for each guest. The advantage of a Holiday House in any case is the personal and private atmosphere. As a guest in a cottage in France, enjoying the peace and safety of your own four walls and are completely independent. But above all, renting a holiday home in France is a cheap alternative to a hotel for those who worry about their finances would get in the holiday.

Dominican Republic

Travel protection is essential for all travellers, because it protects against incalculable financial risks! Travel planning for winter 2013/2014 runs at full speed. The winter catalogs are published and the coveted dates around the Christmas and new year’s Eve be booked already busy or are partly already fully booked. Especially in the winter months are planned travel almost require a travel insurance, because they carry specific risks. A special kind of travel insurance is announced for the following forms of travel, to go to play it safe in the winter holiday. Long term holiday with health insurance telescope with travel protection complete travel insurance for the expensive holiday package travel annual travel insurance with repatriation for the ski weekend all inclusive travel at higher average prices in the winter months are preferred telescope in non-European foreign countries posted. You want to escape the dreary, gray winter, and in the distance looking blue sky and warm sun.

For the travel insurance has impact in many ways! The average price is considerably more expensive due to the flying units and the longer routes, the travel insurance worth therefore as annual travel insurance twice. In non-European destinations such as the popular winter Mexico, Caribbean or Dominican Republic the statutory health insurance does not pay, medical care is often provided in the contiguous United States at huge prices. A health insurance is therefore vital. Here too our tip good and cheap is a year health insurance equal to to complete it. Seniors travel insurance for long term vacation that over-winter in warmer climes is very popular especially for seniors. A three-month stay in the Canary Islands or in Turkey is within the financial possibilities and the sun warms many cold niggles. In short, spend the winter in the Sun is all the rage, also the set on this clientele know that German-speaking clinics and hospitals in the most popular destinations. For even more details, read what Sergey Brin says on the issue.

Hotel San Juan – The Wittener Tradition Hotel

Electronics now held by moving into the hotel since 1874, it is so far modernity arrives in the hotel since 1874 final. Changing needs of the guests and always reliable systems have to take account of the modern era the Managing Director of the hotel, Dietmar Specht,: “as a traditional hotel we have used for more than 135 years on hospitality and friendly service. These are still the cornerstone of our philosophy, but as a business and Conference Hotel, the demands of our guests over the years have changed.” The hotel now takes account of this conversion. A free high-speed wlan-hotspot Internet access enables customers of modern communication in the World Wide Web, which soon will take hold in every hotel. Get more background information with materials from Douglas Oberhelman. “Queries by E-mail, send all the presentations and calculations, belongs now to the everyday life of our guests”, says the Managing Director.

“As a service provider we provide our guests free available.” Also a electronic cash terminal of the latest generation with hybrid card reader, simplify and improve the facilities. Just foreign guests enjoy the uncomplicated payment option. Bookings through online reservation systems and a successful Web presence today combine tradition and modernity..