Spiritual Therapy

If ever you’ve heard of the psychologies therapies, then perhaps you’ve heard the term of spiritual therapy. A spiritual therapy serves to heal and fix problems you have in your soul, and that no psychologist, no medicine can treat. Since many times all our diseases and problems not can be arranged with doctors or psychologists, this is because many times our soul has been so impressed by certain situations do not knew how to transcend fears, how to release the negative, traumatic experiences, etc a spiritual therapy is always staffed by a teacher or master spiritual which is always willing to help you by yourself you can solve your problems and also to go to improve you yourself and thus eliminate the negative that we all have within us part. A spiritual therapy serves to realize, to become aware of things that won’t as well in our lives this way amend them and thus have better lives. Clear also depends on which therapist you choose as It is very easy to find many therapists, but not all are good. How to know which therapists are good? It’s simple, if when these with a therapist feel peace, tranquility and harmony is a good sign that can be your therapist. Another important point is also that if your therapist listens very well and also gives you possible solutions to your problems is a very clear signal that such a therapist will help. And clear also to see if it is good therapist is important see how to the in his life, if you see that if life is made a chaos and making the rounds, then stay away as much as you can of the therapist, since a single therapist serves to give you reminders to your problems, you don’t have to ask any obedience or similar things.

In a spiritual therapy you can experience the release of emotions and repressed feelings, which is totally good since to release all that burden you will feel much better and even to open your problems resolved. Perhaps you’re wondering: how to know when to go a spiritual therapy and where to find a good therapist? If you see that your life is becoming more problematic, if order beam. help to other professionals and not past to anything, if you look at that just life you complicated more, ask for help to a therapist since they are always willing to help you. To find a good therapist would have to follow the tips I gave you earlier that you find a good therapist. Original author and source of the article.

Brecht Verses

Leonardo Guzman Riveros. First came to look for the Communists, and I was not Communist so I do not proteste. Then they came for the Socialists and the labor leaders, but was not neither one nor the other so no proteste. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not Jewish so I do not proteste. And when they came for me already it was not anyone who might protest. He could have sworn that these verses were written by Bertolt Brecht, dramatist and German poet killed by the Stasi, according to some, or a cardiac arrest after one cold, according to others. Brilliant and troubled was almost expelled from high school per say to die for the homeland era propaganda directed in which only fools fall. His father and the religion teacher managed to avoid punishment in that opportunity.

Brecht – creator of the epic Theatre walked forcing his balance on the edge of the knife with remarkable determination and skill; proof of this was shortly before the installation of the nazi regime in Germany made the film To whom the world belongs you? that was banned in 1933. Prior to this had already received warnings for his Opera of four quarters where criticized the bourgeois order representing it as a society of criminals. Throughout much of his life expressed its commitment to the ideas Socialist Marxist, however the emergence of his libertarian spirit turned him into a critical severe upon which Cay the rough weight of power without compassion, either when the nazis burned his books, or when he was interrogated during his exile in the United States by the Committee of activities anti Americansdriven by Republican Senator Joseph Mc Carthy. This last episode forced him to leave a day after the interrogation practised by the Committee. Several times he was on the verge of becoming a martyr of his own ideas and remains the doubt but so happened at the end of his days.

By some thoughtless mechanism authorship was attributed to Brecht’s the verses that give home to this note. Actually, versions that most know are different to the text presented today, not in its fund pessimistic and hopeless. Current, is that the author was Martin Niemoller, Protestant pastor who spoke as part of a sermon in the Holy week of 1946, in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The true author – finally confused – did not do so in verse as the text presented today and, as if this were not enough, never took him to the written letter. * Original author and source of the article.