The Truth

Such coverage will cost you a bit more expensive than oil or alkyd paint, but will last much longer. Apart from the fact that the acrylic coating is more durable in atmospheric conditions, it still has a high and constant elasticity of aging. In the case of metals it is very important because they have large linear expansion due to temperature fluctuations. In the oil and alkyd paints elasticity less than acrylic, but they still lose it in the process of aging. As a result, at some point in this type of paint will just flake off from the metal surface. Painting galvanized roof – operation ambiguous. The zinc layer protects the iron well for 10-15 years. That is after this period it is necessary to paint.

However, galvanized roof and new paint better. This will prolong its life and will give a more pleasing appearance. Y galvanized iron more passive surface than black. Therefore, in this case requires a specialized material with greater adhesion and flexibility than the version with black iron. Oil and alkyd paint generally not suited for this task. On the roof of galvanized they last no more than one season, and special acrylic enamel will delight you for years. If a sheet of iron in a certain way progofrirovat, and then anticorrosive paint acrylic enamel, you'll get an analog of metal, but several times cheaper.

One company has already benefited from our recommendations, and successfully sells painted galvanized gofrolisty, creating competition for foreign analogues. To tell the truth, creating a water-dispersion paints for metals, we did not expect to be as wide a possible range of application. For example, they were simply not interchangeable with the different color of explosive and flammable objects. All paint solvents are well lit, and their vapors are explosive and more. When painted with an ordinary object – it's not so bad, and if the storage facility or gas storage, there is no time for jokes. The slightest spark, not to mention the butt, and with a team of painters can say goodbye, for that matter, and with the object. Water-dispersed materials are safe for vetom. There are successful experience painting a variety of metal structures and buildings: sheds, garages, fences, gates, even trucks and rail cars. A small amount of rust is not a hindrance. Anti-corrosion additives are not only passivate its further spread, but also convert already formed. If the metal surface has a strong e defeat of rust, you can use a special anti-corrosive acrylic primer with rust converter and then to produce paint. And it is quick, odorless, and with maximum comfort at work. So, when you need to paint the metal surface, do not rush to put mask or cotton-gauze bandage, when working with acrylic water-dispersion materials they do not need you.

Renovated Offices

Repair apartments and offices – this is a very difficult task. You can certainly tackle this problem alone or invite a neighbor for help, but if you wish to make all the long term, and to make repairs had been unusually delightful and comfortable for you in the future, it is most advantageous to appeal to people with experience. And it has its reasons, the fact that the current renovation of apartments and office repair is a very difficult process because of appeared in the construction market a significant number of finishing materials. Even now, there are many organizations that are engaged in repair of apartments and offices, so you need to make the right choice turning to trusted companies. Any entrepreneur who is interested in attracting customers to the firm, should pay special attention to his office. Because of this, professional maintenance of offices may enhance the reputation of your company in the eyes of consumers, respectively, that will favorably influence the outcome of the organization. Repair of office, as a rule, authorize a special organization, because even the most low marriage to be repaired, can negatively affect the image of your company.

Offices are usually rented out or removed. Therefore, the time factor is, one might say, critical. The faster repairs are made and finishing office, the sooner you can start a job or rent it. The most basic thing in a race for speed not forget the significant time, repair of offices should be qualitative. Therefore, we recommend you contact the professionals.

In Currently, great progress was renovated. Renovation – this is a more modern technique of decoration, executed in strict dependence on European quality standards. There are several types of eurorepair: firstly, it is possible renovation economy – class – is a simple flat finish, and secondly, it's works with the assistance of designers and the probable re-planning of the apartment, even with the use of expensive materials of the highest level for euro-repair apartments of high levels of complexity. One of the highlights of making the repair of apartments, offices, apartments or doing finishing, is its cost. Of course, repair prices apartment and office are very high, but, once having invested money in a quality repair, you can enjoy for many years by its results.