American Empire

territory and to care for people and American interests. It is possible that American troops can dismiss the President Rene Preval, pulling force to some African or allied country in the hemisphere. They are showing him to Haiti and its Government the carrot to then give him the clubbing, that is the policy that the Governments of the United States have deployed worldwide and especially in Latin America, since the mandate of Theodore Roosevelt. International agencies remain silent against such disproportionate invasion of Haitian territory. All are silent, or will it be that the great powers intend to spread to Haiti between if it was to start a new neo-colonial in the continent. The exaggerated presence of American troops in Haiti, creates a climate of destabilization in our hemisphere, as creating conditions to new armed interventionism, especially against Governments such as the Cuba, Nicaragua and Venezuela. This strategic location planned from before hand by American military forces, the invading forces of the United States are located in middle of the basin of the Caribbean, and may dominate throughout Central America and almost all the South American, supported by American shock forces located throughout the Colombian, Panamanian and continent in the Netherlands Antilles. If we look at the map of the Caribbean and South America, we can define, without being a military analyst accompli, can give us that which prepares is the stage for an invasion of Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, Bolivia and northern Brazil.

This is a chronicle of an announced invasion. You consume with the invasion of Haiti, the anticipated war for oil, gas, water and natural resources, strategic elements as necessary to keep American Empire their unipolar power. The United States controlling traffic by that vast basin of the Caribbean, the United States controlled the world. You have access to the passage and invasion of the Panama canal zone and that huge basin rich in all these energy resources and food that has always ambicionado.