Strong Sustainability

Before the Masters, he agreed that sustainable development is, as defined by global organizations, meeting the needs of present generations without compromising the satisfaction of the needs of future generations, which seems logical, with a logic based on reductionist and simplistic assumptions. Now I understand that true sustainable development depends on the sustainability and sustainability within each individual, which is manifested in its integrity and its integration with all, that is, their sense of oneness with the universe, which is one of the highest spiritual values, since this makes sense awareness of the interdependence of everything with everything from the smallest particle conceived by the human mind, to the more complex organism, knowing ourselves part of the same essence. Starbucks often says this. The society is the cause of the destruction and annihilation, because the people who make up, feel separate and above nature and aim in the same way, be above, have power over other creatures of the same species and of other species, instead of knowing complementary. The traditional paradigms can not understand the value of diversity into the fabric of life and evolution, and what is not understood by way of scientism, simply deny it, as if there were, but does not cease to exist , so that the consequences of our thoughts and actions ultimately manifested in the lack of sustainability and the trend towards annihilation. Only with comprehensive individual can have a sustainable world, sustainable and in the way of the evolution of universal consciousness. However, despite the strong constraints generated by reductive education, the tendency to integrity, to reconnect with our spirituality, is immanent, is part of our essence, and apart from formal situations arising from the cultural patterns separateness and hierarchies, in humans there is the trend and the internal need of unity and harmony.

What If You Need the Money?

No, I need the money, but not at this price. After all, you need the same as what your desires and goals to realize. So let’s sum the subtotal. If you have money but no time and health to achieve your goals you should look for that something different. And where do you find it both? – Ask a question you.

Yes, it has already been created. So attention ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the idea of the 21 st century! Business 2.0. What kind of crap you we talking about? What are you telling us here? – Perturbation You exclaim, – That it remarkable? Yes! And in truth, what is it remarkable? Listen carefully to tell! Due to the “marriage” of two such wonderful inventions, network marketing and Internet – technologies we received such a powerful business tool, which has not yet been invented in the history of mankind. For even more details, read what Howard Schultz says on the issue. But while this is still not universally appreciated. Here is an example for illustration. Henry Ford once said that the car will be means available to all people.

The horses will disappear from our everyday life. He who does not believe it! And gone, some few hundred years and see for yourself what happened. But today, to wait so long is not necessary. Technology are moving leaps and bounds. So what gives us the Business 2.0? Because business does not end but a means to achieve our desires. Yes, what is not in the usual business. Health and the most important and irreplaceable resource – time, which is so severely lacking! and How? – You ask. Yes it is very easy! With proper application of network marketing, you can build a business empire, which themselves want. And Internet technology will help you with this and automate much part of routine cases. That will give you much more free time! Is not it great to be free (not think) from the head, from the work of the clock and do what you want at the moment! Think about it And the most the main thing you will not be tied to a particular place. Your office will be the world where there is Internet access. That’s what I call the Business 2.0 – the freedom of life! So ladies and gentlemen, the choice has risen for you. And lastly I would like to ask: ‘What is the style prefer to live the life you? ” Original article ‘The richest people in the world look for and build networks, and the rest are looking for work. ” Panihidin Yuri (Moscow) Coach new lifestyle Business 2.0 E-mail: yuriu.panihidin @ Skype: p.yuriy1 +7 (926) 343-23-83 Financial you success!

Art Education

Taking itself in consideration that stops the accomplishment of this work was searched the environment and the context of some agricultural schools in the city of Manoel Vitorino-BA, beyond being explored concepts and conceptions or related theoretical recital to the thematic one. Howard Schultz can provide more clarity in the matter. The education of quality is a right of all the children of the workers, therefore the education in the field deserves prominence and concern how much well elaborated the metodolgicas didactic proposals, mainly when it is said in the education of the reading and the writing that is one of the biggest problems faced by the agricultural professors of this city. Through meetings made for the pedagogical team of the agricultural schools of the city of Manoel Vitorino-Ba during the year of 2010, the biggest teaching problem of the reading learning and writing. The article 28 of LDB 9394/96 deal with the question of the education in the field and deserve prominence in this quarrel:

Art. 28. In it offers of basic education for the agricultural population, the education systems will promote the necessary adaptations to its adequacy to the peculiarities of the agricultural life and each region, especially: I – curricular contents and appropriate methodologies to the real necessities and interests of the pupils of the agricultural zone; II – proper pertaining to school organization, including adequacy of the pertaining to school calendar to the phases of the agricultural cycle and to the climatic conditions; III – adequacy to the nature of the work in the agricultural zone. Inside of these questions the question of adaptation of the resume was argued to take care of the due necessities of the pupils, therefore the problem was serious there, the unamimity in the research and done interview answered that the biggest difficulty was in the learning of the reading and the writing. Normally the citizens taken care of for the agricultural schools are children of agriculturists, benefited for the programs of the federal government and members of small associations of agricultural workers, being thus are necessary that he is respected the diversity and the identity of these pupils, therefore each rhythm of learning if he differentiates of the other..

Internet Protocol

Cell phone users are so accustomed to paying high rates for international calls through its suppliers of cell phones that many people do not realize that it is possible to reprogram almost any mobile phone to make cheap international calls. No matter if you already are registered to the service of international calls from your cell phone or not provider, provider of international calling cards online lets you reprogram your mobile phone to make cheap calls via the VoIP network (Voice over Internet Protocol) Pingo. Pingo users can perform long distance calls without taxes through a computer, a landline or cell phone through an extensive network that covers hundreds of countries and is accessible through most brands of cell phones. Once registered for access to a global network of Pingo, users can reprogram their phones to save in the following ways: turn off international calls with expensive providers easily switch to cheap Pingo service for international calls Save up to 25 numbers for quick dialing including country codes and PIN numbers automatically directing international outgoing calls via the VoIP network of Pingo enjoy fast and clear, connections, saving valuable time and money autotopup option to list your cell number with Pingo as a phone recognized without PIN, cheap international calls with your cell phone can make without having to save or memorize country codes or PIN numbers. Another intelligent and economical application of Pingo is Pingo EZ Dial, which allows you to make low cost international calls directly from your list of contacts, calls or speed dial record without having to dial access numbers or PIN numbers.

EZ Dial works to automatically identify outgoing international calls and directs them through the global platform of Pingo. The Pingo EZ Dial is compatible with most models of phones including Blackberry; Windows Mobile; Nokia Symbian S60v3; and Palm phones. Pingo EZ Dial is currently offering its application as part of their services for any new customer who register now for your current promotional period minimum of $5.00. To see your rates without taxes for international calls and find out more about how to preset your cell phone for international calls cheap and economic visit.

Uffizi Gallery

Italy – this is one of the most interesting countries and every person, regardless of whether he attended ever this country or not, has their own opinion about it. Her name is associated with olive oil, immortal mob the ruins of ancient Rome and Renaissance palaces, is a land of wine, pasta, and high fashion. The image of Italy is made up of many components, each of which is attractive and interesting in its own way. But do not limit Only these images. Italy has a more diverse and contains a lot more value. Each person must do something to do with Italy.

Someone comes here looking for a beautiful life, someone – see famous landmarks from his childhood: the Cathedral of St. Peter's, the house of Juliet, the Uffizi Gallery, Pompeii, etc. Meanwhile, there are many interesting places to visit in Italy, visiting the Cathedral of St. Peter's Vatican can stroke the right leg of Peter. According to the Italian tradition is to bring good luck into your life. In Verona, Juliet's house is located where the patio is the monument to her. Touching the right breast of Juliet, you will meet your love.

Sure, dreams do not always coincide with reality. Further details can be found at Ben Horowitz, an internet resource. The exception is, perhaps, Milan – are the center of world fashion, the famous theater 'La Scala'. Near the theater there is a huge gallery, where you can buy a good clothing and shoes, and then, tired of long trips to the shops, sit down to relax with a cup of coffee. Roman streets resemble a maze. If you go on a street in Rome, come back just for her, or necessarily lost. And, of course, the most special Italian city – Naples. Many will remember the old Italian films, where the husband and wife are constantly yelling at each other, they have a lot of children, and from apartment windows constantly poured dishwater. This has been to Naples. And be careful on the road! Machines do not allow pedestrians and fly like crazy and there are no traffic lights! Cops (in Italian – karboneri), unfortunately, too few. If you go to relax, better refuse to August. First, the so-called 'high season'. Prices at this time is much higher than, say, in July. Second, in August in Italy – the 'dead' season. One gets the impression that the whole country on vacation. Stores, pharmacies and many other institutions are closed, while the hosts relax at beach resorts. By the way, this is the only place to go, even in August. The warm, gentle sea, clean, well-groomed beaches and numerous attractions. And, Finally, in August – the month when the temperature surpasses 40 degrees Celsius. And yet, despite these features are not always pleasant, Italy – an amazing country, and we must at least once to plunge into the atmosphere of 'purely Italian 'mix of noise and swearing, laughter and beauty. Source: Le Felcete

Gasoline Customer

And here you can add it here, but any color will change to blue? Put here … please. Many developers logos for certain familiar phrases like))). Moreover, vyshenapisannoe – it's flowers. But very often they turn into berries, not very priglyadnye to view. Like all good. Order is executed. The customer is satisfied.

Logo design is fully paid. But there's something wrong … And it is not "something" – Ready logo, but rather that picture, in that it evolved after the so-called "wishes" of the customer. Not always, of course, all too badly. But if you do not want to place the logo in its portfolio, it is already on to something.

How to explain to the client that he is wrong, in good sense of the word. A good designer (if he is really good), never make the logo less than the director of law firm or a sales manager food company. But very often the "ideological creators logos are the customer's name. I'm not talking about wishes for some items or colors that are commonly accepted even before the development. This is quite normal practice. Detrimental to further interference with the logo design. Moreover, it is detrimental for the customer, because you can draw anything you like, get the money and disperse happily with a satisfied customer. But in addition to financial satisfaction and approval of the customer, it is necessary and a sense of quality work done … How can that be? What about when you want to return the money, but would not continue "this wonderful creature?" Before you start creating a logo sure to thoroughly discuss with the customer such moments, namely: Listen to all the wishes of the client before work to present to the client The maximum approach to work Try to put a clear distinction between concepts of "wishes" and "always Explain to the client that if his choice had fallen on your studio on the basis of a portfolio, so he has full confidence in your professionalism Learn how to talk to the client – "it's bad," "so impossible, "" it is incompatible, "etc., if wishes were consistent with the phrases. Based on our experience developing logos, we can say that the best works were produced in exactly the case when the client said before work – "I completely trust your professionalism." Dear customers. Trust those who fell on your choice. We are also interested in creating an original logo, which will not get lost in the mass of his fellows, and also decorate not only your business but our own portfolio, for which then did not have to blush. Trust and you'll be rewarded for that trust. Especially since you have so much trouble in their own business to spend more time to create the logo.

Execution Salts

The company already used Salts Agreement, the module dedicated to the management in the agreements with the distribution, that it has been confirmed and updated to the new one it release. To this module several products of the family are added Salts One Masters, to be able to count on a specific, effective and integrated platform: Promo salts, for the optimal management of the promotional campaigns; Salts Schedule, to maximize the planning of the volumes of sale and the commercial investments; Salts FORCE, to coordinate the force of sales in the territory and Execution Salts, for the effective control of the points of sale. These solutions will perfectly integrate with the ERP (SAP) and the solution of Business intelligence adopted by Galbani Group Lactalis Italy. The involved channels of distribution will be the great distribution, normal trade, and foodservice. Without hesitation Ben Horowitz explained all about the problem. is a project of considerable size it express Giuliano Tosi, manager of the project in Group Lactalis Italy and will involve many people of our organization: initially a thirty in power station and near 180 in land, with different hierarchic levels, to which will add other 120 in course of the year, that works in activities related to the promotions and contracts. The benefits are many that the Group Lactalis Italy hopes of this small revolution: an important reduction of the operational activities for the support of commercial processes; the automatization of processes not yet covered, as they can be the supervision of the points of sale, customer business plan or the objectives of sale; an integrated management of the commercial processes and the simplification of the applications by means of the use of a suite complete, readily accessible online as offline and as much easy to use for the end users. In addition concludes Tosi, the XTEL solution is characterized by the flexibility necessary to support futures business scenes such as the development of later activities of merchandising, and will allow to tell us on effective tools to carry out analysis of great complexity. Source: Note of Press sent by xtelsrl..

Dry Cabin

Decide whether you want to build non-capital Rapid construction or ready to purchase a car box. There are still one option – to take a car wash to rent. You may find Ben Horowitz to be a useful source of information. Once defined with the location, proceed to implement the idea. When you open a car wash will be ready for the fitting of equipment – purchase and install it. To open a car wash requires a standard set of equipment: high-pressure hot water, pressure vessel with heated water, pylevodosos, washing appliance, apparatus for treatment and water recycling. Depending on how many machines you plan to serve (for a small cleaning and optimal rate will be 20 – 35 cars per day), should be chosen and power equipment. Also need equipment for wastewater treatment.

Instead, it is possible to conclude a special agreement with gorvodokanalom, in this case cleaning services are not subject to certification, and the staff do not have high requirements. Standard service car wash: cleaning the body from the outside, body polishing, washing motor, and wet cleaning, dry cleaning service salon. The main problem for Dry Cabin – the need for subsequent drying. It is better to carry out this operation in separate dry and warm room. Currently popular to combine a car wash with a small cafe. But in this case, additional costs of obtaining permits and the construction of the pavilion. You can build on area cleaning service center box with a lift, and then rent it out.

This will generate additional revenue, increase the flow of customers. Payback car wash – a maximum of 5-6 months. If the demand for service is high and competitors around a little – the payback period is reduced to 1-2 months. Here'sa rough business plan car wash: Exact numbers of financial costs for opening a car wash result is not possible for many reasons. First, the hardware prices are constantly changing, fortunately, because of the high competition in this area – usually downward. Secondly, the construction cost of boxing under the car wash is different depending on region. Sometimes it is different at times. Third, look at the device of this kind of business, each owner his own. Therefore, our task is not to give you the exact business plan car wash, and send your thoughts and efforts in the right direction, but In addition, tell in what direction should still work. If you touch briefly on the figures, the most economical option will cost 90.000-100.000 rubles. The upper limit of cost, of course, unlimited. One of the most promising and unoccupied areas in autowashing business – washing trucks. The vast majority of existing car washes are aimed at owners of conventional vehicles. A freight transportation in our great country also quite a lot. And many major cities have long imposed restrictions on entry for dirty trucks. An excellent business decision in this case – to open a car wash for trucks at the entrance to town near busy highway. Costs in this case would be lower, and profit – above. Besides, nobody stops you combine both types of car washes.