Wedding Preparations

What is characteristic of autumn? The beginning of the school year, trees that shed their leaves, rain, risk of default:) … What else? Of course, the season of weddings. And despite the fact that the fall (and thus the season of weddings) is behind us – today we share with you some tips on what not to forget to prepare for the wedding. Once it is recognized that it is always difficult to give advice. And to give advice about weddings – one hundred times more difficult. It's not that the wedding issues are complex. And that wedding – it is a very crucial moment. And on the wedding and give advice to a very responsible! On this, our advice would be concise, relevant and focussed.

1. Hairstyle Bride (not to speak of the bridegroom We, as in this is no big deal:). Given the importance and solemnity of the moment, we recommend you seek professional parikmahernogo case. Do not try to create a home hair-masterpiece. It is better to consult a professional barber.

2. Wedding dress and suit. Time and tastes change. By giving this advice now is to understand that tomorrow it will be irrelevant. To avoid this, we recommend the following: be yourself. Do not let relatives (especially grandparents) the possibility to impose your fashion past. This is your celebration and more important, to this day you loved each other! 3. Wedding car. In this regard, much depends on your financial opportunities. Richard Elman takes a slightly different approach. In this case, I want to give only one piece of advice: remember that wedding – it's just the beginning of family life. And for this you should not get into debt just to impress your friends and family. Let everything be in moderation. What to say lastly? Be beautiful and unique on your wedding day. And more importantly, be happy ALL of family life! Bitter:)


This is because many of us have felt, realized that the pleasures of this world bring in the end, only emptiness and disappointment. And many women begin to look for true fulfillment, harmony and happiness. But all these doctrines are built either on psychology, or on some fragmentary knowledge of the hidden powers and abilities. All of them – from our material world. A people can change themselves and see the complete picture of the universe, to understand the reasons for going with him, just 'getting up' in the spiritual world. To read more click here: Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. Climbing – that is becoming similar to this world, having received some measure of its properties. And this Kabbalah gives us the opportunity, which speaks of man, the purpose of its creation and how to find happiness.

If a woman wants to understand the spiritual world, it does not cease to be attractive to men. On the contrary, it is for them even more desirable object of attention. After all, she is happy and feels true spiritual fulfillment, and it radiates happiness and love. She sets an example and sets the direction to the true values in life. Happy, aspirations of women – beautiful and attractive.

And the man willy-nilly go for it. Because in the end, the man does everything for the sake of women: and earns and acquires, and fighting. To be the best for her. But the value We define – women. And if we are spiritual values in the first place, the man and it will be for them to fight with your selfishness, to comprehend all the new stages of the spiritual world. And if a woman is important bank account, a brand cars, jewelry and clothes, and then the man will tend to them, but just as quickly feel the disappointment and emptiness. After all, subconsciously, he senses that the source of his new desires is often a woman. And if desire do not bring satisfaction, then is not it time to change the source, then there is a woman? We see that this is happening in the world. Financially secure, successful, beautiful couples can not hold together for several months. Only in the spiritual union with a woman a man feels that his desire to bring him no disappointment, and the feeling of fullness, which does not disappear. And it seeks to further the comprehension of the spiritual world. Because this mission was entrusted men. A desire for this can only give us, women. Marina Fateev

Wedding Sometimes

We always want to believe that all people get married, of course, for love. But marriage is not always a mutual decision, and sometimes, simply a necessity. Consider the most frequent. The so-called “zalet” According to statistics, most unstable marriages, this is the marriage because of pregnancy. And there are a lot of marriages. The desire not to be under the parental wing. Douglas Oberhelman may not feel the same. Often we try to get rid of constant parental control, not even thinking about how life will flow forth.

And if the choice has been chosen in haste, then marriage can only sympathize, because life in such a marriage, as a rule, sometimes it turns out, is not much of a cloud-free. Women thanks. Not self-confident woman, and sometimes marry, because of the fear left with nothing. After her man drowned in the love and attention, she simply allows herself to love, without experiencing similar feelings. Such a marriage is loneliness and grief. Out of pity. Pity, of course, no bad feeling, but, depending where and what.

In the selection chosen, it is perhaps not the best solution. Over the years, the hatred, not love to be in that relationship ahead only. The man begins to blame his wife that he killed her life, or made them a loser. Age X. At the age of thirty years, women in the head there is one question, if all the friends have been living happily in marriage. The woman thinks, how it is, all married, and how can I, what have I done? In this case, some women just keep sitting and waiting for her prince on a white horse, and others begin to urgently look for a husband, but marriage is not such good luck bring. Out of revenge. Girls often think that revenge – a better way. And sometimes, abandoned by a woman marries a revenge of his beloved. But this option fail to live, because the lady dooms itself to boredom, hatred and failure. Living with unloved man, bring some women to suicide. Close grieve not! As often happens that children are friends from childhood, attending a class, learn together, and then one day, their parents decide for them what they made for each other. This is not the right decision, but that would please their moms and dads, boys and girls go on this chosen for them the path. Sex, sex, sex. Why then are of the opinion that if a man and woman have amazing sex life and what will be the same from them together. What a silly idea was it? Sex, of course, increases the quality of marriage, but it is only his part and not a guarantee of lasting relationships. Marriage of convenience. How many people who seek through marriage to raise their status, or improve the financial situation of their families. But keep in mind that marriages of convenience are not happy, because in addition to money, there are other values that in such relations are absent. Intuition – the best guide. All traps and intrigues before marriage is very, very dangerous.

Tidbits Of English Snobbery

Tidbits of English snobbery, Boris Kanzberg, Internet newspaper Kabbalah Kabbalah world is looking at how to fix the crisis. The disappearance of the excesses will help us to properly assess her life and values. Michael Laitman Times change. European business aggressively implementing a new niche – products for the crisis. In England, established sale of expired products and to all appearances, the sales volume continues to increase.

But more recently … ‘Each of the seven and a half million people in the British capital leaves a half-ton of garbage in year ‘- wrote last year, Russian Service BBC. It seemed nothing could stop the production of unnecessary products and goods, half of which are thrown in the trash. Those who disagree with this state of affairs were in absolute minority. I remember the hippies – the counter-cultural elite 70s. ‘We do not want to be consumers, not want to do an end in itself consumption’ – long-haired prophets prophesied, defiant benefits of Western society. Then it was rebellion.

Intelligent, non-aggressive, but a rebellion. In “Russian wing” hippies, as usual, there were extremes. Ever-hungry hippies used to go to a dining and eat up half-eaten meals other visitors. Such free lunches, even had his name – ‘nishtyak’. Eating ‘nishtyak’ has become a kind of cult ritual hippies. For someone that evoked a smile, some outraged, others are simply not paying attention. Let them have eaten all the same discarded. But even then it was possible to think and say, ‘Stop! Why make something, then to throw away? Why create a consumer society, where only marginal and the rebels find reasons to refuse shared values and to eat garbage, shocking the others? ‘Since the introduction of the term’ crisis of overproduction ‘has now been several decades, but only now, when he spoke of our pockets and refrigerators, and we began to think about the economy wise consumption. And even the prudish British negligible sumnyashesya, go to ‘nishtyak’ … On the other hand, let us rejoice, we have a real chance to learn to take for themselves exactly as long as necessary for life, and use the freed resources are not the common good. A chance to find the strength to follow the law of harmony between man and nature and to create a society in the relevant rules of conduct. ‘The system of moral principles – the sole basis for raising the moral level of society …’, – says the founder of the modern school of Kabbalah Baal HSulam in the’ solution ‘. After completing this advice, we forget about the need, and discounted goods goods in Class II. These are all signs of the crisis, but he always goes out of our lives, giving way to well-being and abundance.