This is because many of us have felt, realized that the pleasures of this world bring in the end, only emptiness and disappointment. And many women begin to look for true fulfillment, harmony and happiness. But all these doctrines are built either on psychology, or on some fragmentary knowledge of the hidden powers and abilities. All of them – from our material world. A people can change themselves and see the complete picture of the universe, to understand the reasons for going with him, just 'getting up' in the spiritual world. To read more click here: Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ. Climbing – that is becoming similar to this world, having received some measure of its properties. And this Kabbalah gives us the opportunity, which speaks of man, the purpose of its creation and how to find happiness.

If a woman wants to understand the spiritual world, it does not cease to be attractive to men. On the contrary, it is for them even more desirable object of attention. After all, she is happy and feels true spiritual fulfillment, and it radiates happiness and love. She sets an example and sets the direction to the true values in life. Happy, aspirations of women – beautiful and attractive.

And the man willy-nilly go for it. Because in the end, the man does everything for the sake of women: and earns and acquires, and fighting. To be the best for her. But the value We define – women. And if we are spiritual values in the first place, the man and it will be for them to fight with your selfishness, to comprehend all the new stages of the spiritual world. And if a woman is important bank account, a brand cars, jewelry and clothes, and then the man will tend to them, but just as quickly feel the disappointment and emptiness. After all, subconsciously, he senses that the source of his new desires is often a woman. And if desire do not bring satisfaction, then is not it time to change the source, then there is a woman? We see that this is happening in the world. Financially secure, successful, beautiful couples can not hold together for several months. Only in the spiritual union with a woman a man feels that his desire to bring him no disappointment, and the feeling of fullness, which does not disappear. And it seeks to further the comprehension of the spiritual world. Because this mission was entrusted men. A desire for this can only give us, women. Marina Fateev