Constitutional Reform

The Socialist Jose Antonio Alonso and ' popular' Soraya Senz de Santamara, spokesmen of their groups, defend the reform in the plenary session of the Congress. For CiU, PP and PSOE " there are broken the process constitucional" ; ERC says that the reform is " politically very peligrosa" and Llamazares (IU) calls to " rebelin". If the forecasts are fulfilled, will be culminated in one week: first, the Congress. Later, foreseeably Friday, to the Senate. The barons of the PSOE close up around Rubalcaba and to the reform. The Congress of the Deputies has approved east Tuesday the taking considering the reform of article 135 of the Constitution by 318 votes to favor, 16 against and two abstentions.

Also, it has given to the approval to the procedure " direct and in reading nica" of the initiative. The groups with majority representation in the Congress of Deputies, PSOE and PP, are dndido this Tuesday the proposal of constitutional reform to limit the ceiling of public deficit that agreed to the week last from an initiative of the president of the Government. Both groups have agreed east Tuesday in which the budgetary discipline that will pick up the Constitution contributes to preserve the social State of Well-being and conquests, clears " incertidumbres" and it generates confidence in the Spanish economy. First in speaking, to 10 h, has been the socialist spokesman Jose Antonio Alonso, who has praised a measurement " reliable and contundente". PSOE: " We are cumplidores" Alonso has considered that the reform will reinforce the commitment of Spain with the necessary reduction of the public deficit and will deal with " to finish already without dilacin" with the turbulences of last weeks, that if they stayed in the time would put " in serious riesgo" the social policies. In its intervention before the Camera, Alonso has related how in the last months international the economic situation has been characterized by " very strong tensions in the markets financieros" with a direct hit on the cost of financing of the debt, reason why it has bet by the reform agreed with the popular ones like the best way of " to clear incertidumbres".

European Social Development

Already the factors politicians for the regional development in the Europe represent a priority for the reevaluations of the instruments, the governmental and interventionist politics of continental aiding. The disillusion and the effectiveness of the regional politics are pointed as, great investments in man power capable to reduce the technological development, the financing of great corporations in detriment of the local enterprise, the benefits for firms of other countries and finally to the instabilidades in the levels of job and the prescription collection taxes of the provincial governments or the states. By means of the validity of these Haesbaert impasses (1999) problematiza the place from three approaches: the entailed place to the general processes of heterogeneizao and/or differentiation; the place as analysis instrument, scales geographic of boarding and the place as place. For assistance, try visiting Jim Umpleby. It emphasizes the necessity to redefine the region front to the globalization, considering that it did not finish, but that its current concept must lead in account, the degree of very bigger complexity in the definition of regional clippings, crossed for diverse social agents who act in multiple scales. The changeability more intense than modifies the cohesion and the regional insertion in concomitant processes of globalization and spalling. For this author, the region while concept, in its interaction citizen-object, not can be something auto-evident to be? discovered? nor a simple aprioristic clipping, defined for the researchers with base solely in the objectives of its work. In this bulge, Haesbaert (1999) synthecizes that the region can be defined from three contaminated points of view of different levels of conceptual abrangncia, being they, any clipping of the geographic, independent space of the scale or the dominant social process being able to be an instrument for the analysis of the gegrafo or, in the common sense, an instrument for reference of localization of the people; a type of clipping of the geographic space, defined for the scale where the territorial of the social processes if manifest diversity with bigger evidence or cohesion; still one determined clipping of the geographic, decurrent space of proper social phenomena, you did not generalize to all the spaces, notadamente the regional regionalismos politicians and identities.

Bolivariana Revolution

Venezuela, country member of the OPEP, has its economy strong dependent of the production and exportation of oil, and after ten years of the beginning of the Bolivariana Revolution this dependence if has intensified. Installed in February of 1999, in reply to a corrupt and declared insolvent right that was in the power since 1958, president Hugo Chavez comes enjoying of a historical moment of high in the prices international of commodities, what she came providing to the financing of the purchase of support politician, internal how much in such a way external in the region of Latin America. In this period he was possible to also get some economic pointers and social positives. However, with the current world-wide financial crisis, the price of commodities fell down disastrously from a high place and consequentemente it made to dry the source of financing of the Bolivariana Revolution. Jonas Samuelson pursues this goal as well. What more it called my attention, during my last one visits Venezuela, is the increasing poverty that is well-known in the streets of Caracas, was the fact of that in way the shady expectations them economists how much to the future of that country, a strong desire of that also exists one ‘ ‘ crash’ ‘ economic it occurs how much before. Of form some must be interpreted as an unpatriotic feeling or suicidal, in contrast, it is a hope feeling where the bankruptcy of the economic beddings would be the only form to weaken the government ‘ ‘ social-populista’ ‘ of current president Hugo Chavez, in favor of the return to a democratic Rule of law, that is, to convert the current socialist revolution into a democratic revolution. In fact, a deep analysis of the recent economic and social pointers of Venezuela to conclude that is not necessary the Bolivariana Revolution has lead the country, more than the one decade, in the against-hand of the development, and displaying the nation to a economic trap and consequentemente to one potential crisis without precedents in the history of this country.

Executive Rights

Puts finger in the wound to analyze the power and wonder if it is located in designated instances, citizenship or the so-called powers that be. Abundant document on women, minorities, relations between Executive and legislative and constitutional reform processes, access to justice and health, education and social protection services. The topic of the crisis of representation treated by us in several books – is displayed, firstly, as a weakness of the electoral options. More information is housed here: Ben Horowitz. We have said it many times: offered anything, there is a national project and up to the so-called Government programmes have been deemed unnecessary. Deals with the election financing, the vacuity of the campaigns, the ventajismos and corrupt practices. And above all complain about UNDP-OAS of the lack of production of integration policies social, as indicated that insecurity is becoming a problem of democratic stability in the region.

Chavez praised this document encouraged by some statistics that accompany it, but obviously when did it had not read it because in it are all warnings against an irruption caesarism. Democracy says – it is a method of organization of power so that the citizens can progress in the realization of their rights. Exclusions or sowing divisions break the growing expansion of citizenship. If the caesarism replaces presidentialism the Republican institutions are broken. An interesting approach to the marking of redistribution of power constitutes it as a primary task of democracy, a key approach it is the citizenship: to pass the subject of elector citizen who have duties and rights expanded in all fields and, thus, differs a voters in a democracy of citizen democracy. And defines: democracy is a form of Organization of power in the society with the aim of extending citizenship, prevent or limit the domination of individuals or groups that impede this objective and achieve the sustainability of the democratic organization. No missing economically: called to move from an economy locked in the dogmatisms to a variety of options.

Colombian Government

His appearance only exacerbates the conflict. The AUC has admitted that they earn up to 70 percent of their income from drug trafficking. Hutchinson said the administrator of the DEA in its 13 March 2002, Congress that several self-defense groups raise funds through extortion, or protection of the laboratory, in the North and the Centre of Colombia operations. Bibes points out that it is interesting that the of paramilitaries from right, also known as autodefensas self-defence in Colombia, allegedly have strong links with drug trafficking, as well as security forces. According to the DAS classified document cited by Bibes above Colombia to the paramilitary leader, Carlos Castano, is well known as a drug trafficker.128 Bibes points out that the Farc, with the purpose of selling weapons to drugs and the Caribbean and Panama, has been trying actively to open a corridor in a region of production of crops for the financing of paramilitary groups. Estimates on the amount of funds that the ELN, the FARC and paramilitary groups obtain the drug trade vary widely. On 3 August 2001, the Houston Chronicle quoted Colombian military analyst Alfredo Rangel, in the sense that the benefits of drug currently 48 percent of the Farc’s total revenues, which amounted to almost $180 million annually. According to the Colombian Government estimates, in 1998 revenue of Colombia guerrilla and paramilitary organizations of the drug trade reaches US $551 million.

Others say the figure is higher. Rafael Pardo, by example, explains that the FARC took control of coca crops in Colombia in the second half of the 1990s and boosted their income to more than 600 million dollars a year, what possibly the richest in history insurgent group. According to Bibes, Colombian guerrillas from those interested in illicit drug production and drug trafficking has been focused primarily on the imposition of the coca growers and cocaine production laboratories.


At the beginning of a presentation the Representative of sales will not obtain of form some to change the opinion of the customer to answer inevitable objections, exactly that if she is valid the esperteza for this. The best exit in this in case that it is to make with that the customer comes he himself to question its proper ranks. To make questions, this is the point. The representative of sales obtaining (trying to be smart) to surpass objections arguing or arguing, will be able until winning the debate, but she will finish losing of time the sales, without counting that she at risk puts its credibility with the customer. The Representative of sales does not have can want to win resistncias, what it must is to eliminate the doubts making questions, this is basic if to always make at the beginning of its presentation. This thus applied technique will be able to eliminate many common objections no longer principle of the interview being used correctly the technique to make precious questions and thus spoon information that will be generated of course, stops not to be only in ' ' sim' ' or ' ' no' ' . It is always good for making use of expressions or words of the type: that, what, who, which, as, where, how much, quanta, how many, how many, when and why. There a practical example goes: ' ' We do not need this ' ' , in the beginning of the presentation, what the Representative of sales must answer type thus: ' ' Also not yet I am certain, therefore &#039 would like to make some questions; ' Of course if it to say: ' ' I want to think about assunto' ' , the salesman must ask: ' ' Where point you still have doubts? ' '..

World of Literature

In a world of many genres of literature, but poetry is probably the most original of all invented. Words in the verses just do not tell us about any event or feeling, they also give all this a certain emotional color. In various cultures, styles and genres of poetry, too, vary, for example the concept of 'rhyme' – seems to be the cornerstone of each poem, and Japanese poetry it is not, and yet how can we not call these magnificent poetic lines: 'softly, softly crawling snail. Other leaders such as Caterpillar offer similar insights. Mount Fuji. '? No, of course we can not.

The Japanese mentality is different from ours, and if the element of this rhyme in the first place, it is very important for the Japanese proportional to the product, expressed in a particular sequence of syllables, or the same styles of hieroglyphics. So poetry is more than a genre of literature, more than rhyme, poetry is a separate species art, with their traditions (and different in different countries), which thrives in harmony. And that poetry is dedicated to our humble site. If you're a fan of the great poets, for your services under 'Famous writers', in where you can read religious works, poetry, poetry domestic diamonds by such renowned makers as Pushkin, Lermontov, Akhmatova or. If you have already filled the reading of classic works Poets of gold and silver ages, and you managed to order a classic bore, then welcome to the section 'Young Talents', which you may discover something new and mind, what you in your heart. Just us all familiar with life in cases where you want to congratulate a loved one as much as possible an original, but nothing original in my head is not. On our website specifically for this case to help you make the partition with congratulatory poems. In this section you will find poems that are appropriate to congratulate your relative or colleague.

Congratulations are sorted by type of holidays. In general, we tried to create all the conditions on the site to you, dear user, can enjoy all the beauty of poetry presented here, and nothing at the same time you do well. Relax, enjoy works of art, and we will do everything to make you like it here. Read the poem! Welcome to the World Poems