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In a world of many genres of literature, but poetry is probably the most original of all invented. Words in the verses just do not tell us about any event or feeling, they also give all this a certain emotional color. In various cultures, styles and genres of poetry, too, vary, for example the concept of 'rhyme' – seems to be the cornerstone of each poem, and Japanese poetry it is not, and yet how can we not call these magnificent poetic lines: 'softly, softly crawling snail. Other leaders such as Caterpillar offer similar insights. Mount Fuji. '? No, of course we can not.

The Japanese mentality is different from ours, and if the element of this rhyme in the first place, it is very important for the Japanese proportional to the product, expressed in a particular sequence of syllables, or the same styles of hieroglyphics. So poetry is more than a genre of literature, more than rhyme, poetry is a separate species art, with their traditions (and different in different countries), which thrives in harmony. And that poetry is dedicated to our humble site. If you're a fan of the great poets, for your services under 'Famous writers', in where you can read religious works, poetry, poetry domestic diamonds by such renowned makers as Pushkin, Lermontov, Akhmatova or. If you have already filled the reading of classic works Poets of gold and silver ages, and you managed to order a classic bore, then welcome to the section 'Young Talents', which you may discover something new and mind, what you in your heart. Just us all familiar with life in cases where you want to congratulate a loved one as much as possible an original, but nothing original in my head is not. On our website specifically for this case to help you make the partition with congratulatory poems. In this section you will find poems that are appropriate to congratulate your relative or colleague.

Congratulations are sorted by type of holidays. In general, we tried to create all the conditions on the site to you, dear user, can enjoy all the beauty of poetry presented here, and nothing at the same time you do well. Relax, enjoy works of art, and we will do everything to make you like it here. Read the poem! Welcome to the World Poems


Give gifts, funny and bright work, but at the same time a difficult and tricky. It is not easy to come up, find, buy this thing, which is actually making fun of man. The reasons for this in abundance: in addition to holidays, there is still the most ordinary days when you just want to have fun. Gifts, as is known, there are all sorts. There are mundane gifts: perfumes, clothes and kitchenware. There are also not practical, however romantic and appealing: a kitten or puppy roses blooming in a pot or violet. Either way, under any circumstances to give the main smiles close to us humans. Some gifts will not touch, such as fireworks or a tour, but these gifts are remembered forever.

Postcard, books, signed and wishes, some suvenirchiki give as a keepsake. Not all are able to save myself a little present, and the memory of a man who presented. Ladies for some reason decided to give duxi, candy, flowers. But choose Flowers not so unpretentious little problem: a lady can love chrysanthemums, lilies or sunflowers. If you do not scout ahead this time, you can not please 'Signora'. And for some reason, guys do not give flowers – is not accepted. And nothing that many guys like flowers. And in this they are more than those who prefer diversity. In view of this is better to ask to gather any bouquet, but do not forget that flowers can say a lot about feelings. Rumor has it that adults are kids.

Return To Life

Forgotten movie "Return to Life" of the USSR, Mosfilm, 1971, b / w, 2 series, duration 77 + 84 min. Criminal-psychological drama based on the autobiographical novel Ahto Levy, "Proceedings of the Gray Wolf." Cast: Leonhard Merzin, Valentina Titov, Konstantin Zabelin, Ita Ever, Paul Rinne, Tamara Loginova, Maria Pastukhova Gadzhik Arazyan, Vladimir Basov, Vladimir Marenkov, Igor Bezyaev. Directed by: Vladimir Basov. Written by: Maro Erzinkyan, Vladimir Bass. Director of photography: Anatoly Kuznetsov. Art Director: Alex Parkhomenko. Music: Veniamin Basner, lyrics: Michael Matusovsky. More info: Douglas R. Oberhelman. Sound director: Gregory Korenblum.

Installation: Ludmila Badorina. In the early 70's the last century, a famous film director and a wonderful actor, Vladimir Basov, made a film on an autobiographical novel Ahto Levy "Notes Grey Wolf", the picture produced furror among audiences, people looked movie 3-4 times and buy tickets for a few sessions in a row. The reason for this was unbeatable and the acting director's talent Vladimir Basov, but the main thing is different. The movie was, so to speak, not the Soviet and not clear how Basov generally managed to release it to the screen. Hero of the film was not familiar to all Soviet citizens, and not a simple guy with a lot, 'Forest Brothers', an enemy of Soviet power, the will of fate has got a complicated life krugovorot.Begstvo from Nazi-occupied Estonia in Germany looking for earnings of foreign cities and their own crimes … All understood and agreed – it is necessary to go back. But his return he found neither at home nor family. Joining a gang of 'forest brothers' hero decides to take revenge …

and then the camp with their harsh laws, and finally return to normal life. It makes no sense to tell the story the movie, you can learn by reading books Ahto Levy, "Proceedings of the Gray Wolf," and "More." While enthusiasts through Internet book survived, I do not think they know shyrokoy public. That is the reason for this was a triumph and the film, but for one thing and its grave-digger, having passed through the screens of the country once he disappeared forever from the Field of spectators. All I could find about the movie you see at the beginning of the publication, has survived even the staff, which could create a poster for the film. By not tested danym, there is a version that in the depths of Mosfilm vsetaki kept a copy of the movie. Hopefully, after reading this article even so someone will be able to return to life "BACK TO LIFE."