Executive Federal

Thus the foreign companies will be able to concur normally in equality with other companies. ‘ ‘ 10. The preference edge the one that if relates 6o will be extended to the originary goods and services of the States Parts of the Common Market of the South – Mercosul, after the ratification of the Protocol of Public Acts of contract of the Mercosul, celebrated in 20 of July of 2006, and could partially be extended, total or, to the originary goods and services of other countries, with which Brazil comes to sign agreements on purchases governamentais.’ ‘ Another substantial alteration, the inclusion of the MERCOSUL being able to participate in the country, being able to enjoy of the benefits of the edge of preference with other companies who are is of the Market Common of the South, saved if Brazil to possess international agreements on governmental purchases. ‘ ‘ 11. The notices with invitation to bid for the good act of contract, services and workmanships will be able to demand that the contracted one promotes, for the public administration or of those for it indicated, measured of commercial, industrial, technological compensation or access the advantageous conditions of financing, cumulatively or not, in the form established for the Executive Federal.

Federal Executive

For Jund (2006, p.648) the finalidadebsica of the auditorship in the public administration is: To prove alegalidade and administrative legitimacy of the acts and facts and to evaluate osresultados reached, how much to the aspects of efficiency, effectiveness eeconomicamente of budgetary, financial, patrimonial, operational, countable and finalista the management of the units and the entities of the public administration, emtodas the government spheres and levels of being able, as well as the application of recursospblicos for entities of private law, when legally authorized nessesentido. The modernization of the public sector requerque the Governmental Auditorship contributes in the elaboration of pointers dedesempenho, pass to monitor the updates that if made necessary and quese gives to an effective accompaniment of the adjustments and considered corrections. According to Richard Elman, who has experience with these questions. It is necessary that, with mudanasintroduzidas in the public sector the governmental auditorship can consider oajustamento of norm that comes to discipline the managemental actions, possibilitandoa otimizao of the organizacional structure of the state that is composed of recursoshumanos, financiers materials.

In general any that is the deauditoria type that if goes to carry through, this must be planned in way that to venhamproporcionar security how much to the verification to the length of the laws, applicable norms eregulamento the public administration, in the execution phase, will have serverificada the aspects of the legality and legitimacy of the practised acts public pelosgestores and its accord with the norms and the princpiosaplicveis to the public administration in obedience the legislation in vigor. 2.3.FORMAS OF EXECUTION OF the GOVERNMENTAL AUDITORSHIP In accordance with the foreseen one in in in the 01/2001, of the Federal Secretariat of Control, the auditorships in the area governamentalso executed of the following forms: Direct, when one is about the activities deauditoria executed directly for servers in exercise in the agencies eunidades of the System of Internal Control of the Federal Executive, sendosubdividas in: Centered, that it is executed exclusively by servers emexerccio in the sectorial agencies central or of System of Internal Control of the Federal PoderExecutivo..

Public Administration

According to Zanotello (2001, P.43) the formal administrative procedure where the Public Administration convokes, by means of conditions established in proper act (edictal or invitation), in companies interested in the presentation of proposals for the oferecimento of goods and services. The main objective of the licitation, amongst several is to guarantee the observance of the constitutional principle of the isonomy, that is, (to give to equal treatment to all the interested parties) and to select the proposal most advantageous for the administration, in way to assure equal chance to all the interested parties and to make possible the attendance and the competition to the biggest possible number of competitors. Of this form, importance of the licitation of the public and particular institutions is perceived it, thus demonstrating trustworthy idoneousness of the licitation as administrative proceeding, honest and democratic. The procedure of objective licitation to allow that the administration contracts those that they congregate the necessary conditions for the attendance of the public interest, taking in consideration related aspects the capacity technique and economic financier of the bidder, the product quality and value of the object. A definite time the object that if wants to contract, is necessary esteem the total value of the workmanship, the service or to be bid good, by means of marketing research accomplishment. It is necessary, still, to verify if has forecast of budgetary resources for the payment of the expenditure and if this will meet in compliance with the law of fiscal responsibility. The rules to bid on, foreseen in law n 8,666 are citizens, of 1993, beyond the integrant agencies of the direct administration, deep the special ones, the autarchies, the public foundations, the public companies, the controlled societies of the mixing economy and too much entities direct and indirectly for the Union, State, Federal District and Cities. It is an interesting text, of which it consists, even though, the limit of value above of which if it will have to promote licitation.

Annual Budget

The instruments of planning that guide the elaboration of the plans of long, average and short term are contemplated by the Constitutions Federal and State, hierarquiza them of the following form: the Plurianual Plan, the Law of Budgetary Lines of direction and the Annual Budgetary Law. The Plurianual Plan (PPA) contains the lines of direction, the objectives and the goals of the public administration for the four following years its edition, with forecast of the budgetary expenses for such, having to say what it will be made in each region, in regards to investments and workmanships you publish, as well as the programs of continued duration. It is important to stand out that, also in defense of the administrative continuity, the PPA invigorates until the end of the first year of following government to the one of its edition. Electrolux often addresses the matter in his writings. The Law of Diretrizes Oramentrias (LDO) funnels the planning still more, preparing the base where Lei Oramentria Anual (LOA), or simply Annual Budget, will go to be based itself. This last one registers everything what the government will have to make in benefit of the State and its citizens, at the same time where I defined the monetary values for each item. The central content of the Annual Budgetary Law is the program of work to be executed by the government.

In this program they must be described obeying some norms, all the values of the resources to be expenses and nature of the expenditures, passing for the definition of the name of the actions and its respective goals. The public budget is elaborated, on average, eight months before entering in vigor. It is annual and it passes to invigorate from first of January of the following year. Therefore, the values presented for the prescription and expenditure constitute a forecast of the waited scene. If the budget will be elaborated in multicriteria way, it tends if to approach to the reality.

Election Campaign

Plus an election campaign it is come close, with it always appears the pilgrim’s staff said by the politicians and social medias, which is: ‘ ‘ The vote is a right of the citizen, makes to be valid this direito’ ‘. The phrase above cited in them brings a question to decide: The vote is an obligation or a right? This questioning makes in them to think about some aspects that in fact make in them to imagine to be a right, visa to be an emanation of our will where the politician or B becomes president, governor, mayor, state deputy, representative, councilman and senator. They are these elect ones for the will of the people, when such will sultry and is not forgotten by one fight between and the B for the another one or one disability, that supposedly will fight for our interests.

On the other hand in them it comes to the head the sanctions that we can come to suffer to case ours ‘ ‘ direito’ ‘ to vote it is not exerted. By the same author: Douglas Oberhelman. Who not to vote in the elections and not to justify the reasons for which it did not exert the right to the vote will not be able to be enrolled in competition or test for position or public office, nor to assume such position or function, will not be able to receive expirations or wage from function or public, autarchic job or of some on form to the government, correspondents to as the subsequent month to the one of the election, will not be able to participate of public bids or administrative of the government, to get passport or identity card or to renew school registration in educational establishment official or fiscalized by the government, to obtain loan in the autarchies, societies of mixing economy, federal government saving bank or state, justinian codes and boxes of social welfare, as well as in any establishment of credit kept for the government or whose administration this participates with these entities celebrates contracts, beyond the payment of a pecuniary fine.

The voter in irregular situation will be still hindered to practise any act for which if he demands repayment of the military service or income tax. Plus one he asks without reply: If he is one acquired right, why we suffer sanctions in case that to opt to not execermos? After to analyze the facts above, is easy to evidence that ‘ ‘ direito’ ‘ to vote in the truth it is not a right, ahead of the sanctions the one that we are citizens, for minors that seem to be, are of matrix disciplinarian, thus making with that such ‘ ‘ direito’ ‘ either in fact an obligation imposed to the society. So that the vote is an instrument of change in our country, if it makes necessary facultative vote to all, next to a more energetic action in return of the politicians who, in more than the times, fight literally for the power, using itself of all the artifices capable to corrupt the parcel most fragile of the society..

Fiscal Chamber

The citizen will only be able to exert the position a time; 7.proibida the consecutive re-election in the legislative one. Who exerted a position in any legislative one will have to fulfill a period of four years without mandate; they 8.quem he was elect for a legislative position, exactly resigning, will not be able to exert position in the executive; 9.aps to exert the position of president of the republic the citizen is ineligible for any another position politician. an only previdencirio public system for all will 10.haver the citizens, with value and equal time of contribution for services equivalents; 11.o FGTS will be extended to the public service and to the elective offices; 12.Os representatives, state and councilmen will be elect for the majority of the direct vote in electoral colleges, composites for a number equivalent of representative voters of a fracionada population in accordance with the maximum number of positions to be filled; to 13.Separar the legislative office of the fiscalizadora function. The Federal Chamber will have in the maximum 255 legislating members of the house of representatives; 14. The senators will only exert the legislative office when in function in the National Congress. Normally they will take care of of treat international and the federative subjects; 15.A Fiscalizadora Chamber will have in the maximum 255 members of the house of representatives. The 27 voted representatives, the voted state deputies more of each state (27), the voted councilmen more of each capital (27), 35 the most voted drafted councilmen between of the cities with more than will compose this chamber more 100 a thousand voters.

The excessively vacant ones will be busy for people who never have exerted elective office, elect between its pairs: representatives of the magistracy (05), public prosecution service (05), OAB (05), accountants (05), economists (05), federacy of workers (industry (13), commerce (13), services (13), agriculture (13)), federacy of entrepreneurs in the same ratio of workers (52); 15.1A Fiscalizadora Chamber will congregate a time per year, during the April month, to judge the public accounts. Its verdict will be definitive and have legal consequences that immediately they will be applied. 15.2Um model similar to the Fiscalizadora Chamber will be talked back in the states and cities. 16.As legislative chambers will have in the maximum 33 members of the house of representatives and of Councilmen, in maximum 21. With these changes, I believe that the power of the people will be reestablished and each citizen will have greater autonomy to exert its can politician and defend collective rights.

Jose Robert Arruda

At the end of the year past, used to advantage the valuation of the property in Brasilia to vender 500 hectares of the property for the construction of a luxury condominium. It enters the partners of the enterprise, beyond Sarney, is the lawyer Antonio Carlos de Almeida Castro, the Kakai. It counts that he entered in the business as part of the honorary ones received for defending Roseana senator Sarney (PMDB It to ME) in the Lunus case, as she was known the suspicion of that it, then daily pay-candidate to the Presidency, would have been favored for the shunting line of resources of the State for its campaign. ' ' Not wise person of this order of tombamento' ' , she said. In return to the Presidency of the Senate, Sarney started to pressure the governor of the Federal District, Jose Robert Arruda (DEM), for intermediary of an old collaborator, Wild Gorgulho, former-assessor of the press of the Presidency during its mandate and current secretary of Culture of the DF.

It supports the order of Sarney and its position is the same one of Arruda, in accordance with the assessorship of the governor. According to president of the Senate, the proposal to overthrow the small farm was waked up with Arruda. The idea would be to create a tourist script that included the houses of the old presidents: the Fazendinha de Juscelino Kubitschek, the Catetinho, the Pericum and the House of the Dinda, of former-president Fernando Collor de Mello.PRECEDENTEA bigger difficulty to make possible the falling are to know as to pass over seeming technician of the Direction of Historic site and Artistic of the Federal District (Depha), competent agency to evaluate if the house has some value for the history of the city. the document ridiculariza the order made for Sarney. In the city where only workmanships of Oscar Niemeyer are overthrown by the National Historic site and the Catetinho, the official residence of JK at the time of the construction of Brasilia, the Depha classifies the next historic site to Brasilia as simple ' ' house of fazenda' ' with traces typical architectural of one ' ' property destined to the leisure of ends of semana' '.