Fiscal Chamber

The citizen will only be able to exert the position a time; 7.proibida the consecutive re-election in the legislative one. Who exerted a position in any legislative one will have to fulfill a period of four years without mandate; they 8.quem he was elect for a legislative position, exactly resigning, will not be able to exert position in the executive; 9.aps to exert the position of president of the republic the citizen is ineligible for any another position politician. an only previdencirio public system for all will 10.haver the citizens, with value and equal time of contribution for services equivalents; 11.o FGTS will be extended to the public service and to the elective offices; 12.Os representatives, state and councilmen will be elect for the majority of the direct vote in electoral colleges, composites for a number equivalent of representative voters of a fracionada population in accordance with the maximum number of positions to be filled; to 13.Separar the legislative office of the fiscalizadora function. The Federal Chamber will have in the maximum 255 legislating members of the house of representatives; 14. The senators will only exert the legislative office when in function in the National Congress. Normally they will take care of of treat international and the federative subjects; 15.A Fiscalizadora Chamber will have in the maximum 255 members of the house of representatives. The 27 voted representatives, the voted state deputies more of each state (27), the voted councilmen more of each capital (27), 35 the most voted drafted councilmen between of the cities with more than will compose this chamber more 100 a thousand voters.

The excessively vacant ones will be busy for people who never have exerted elective office, elect between its pairs: representatives of the magistracy (05), public prosecution service (05), OAB (05), accountants (05), economists (05), federacy of workers (industry (13), commerce (13), services (13), agriculture (13)), federacy of entrepreneurs in the same ratio of workers (52); 15.1A Fiscalizadora Chamber will congregate a time per year, during the April month, to judge the public accounts. Its verdict will be definitive and have legal consequences that immediately they will be applied. 15.2Um model similar to the Fiscalizadora Chamber will be talked back in the states and cities. 16.As legislative chambers will have in the maximum 33 members of the house of representatives and of Councilmen, in maximum 21. With these changes, I believe that the power of the people will be reestablished and each citizen will have greater autonomy to exert its can politician and defend collective rights.