Urban Solid Residues

In recent years the population growth occurred of amazing and disordered form, culminating in bigger consumption and for consequence in bigger volume of residues. The consumerism ally to the dismissable products excessively increased the daily volume of garbage. In 2004 the world-wide population reached 6,400 million and continues to grow in 80 million per year, being been Brazil in fifth place enters the countries most populous, behind Indonesia, United States, India and China. Details can be found by clicking Charles Kushner or emailing the administrator. The city of Goinia in the State of Gois possesss – according to sources of the IBGE/2007 1,2 million inhabitants. However the consumption standards vary in accordance with the reality of each inhabitant.

Therefore the daily volume of garbage has of being measured of differentiated form. Noble Group Founder describes an additional similar source. The question is: Goinia produces much garbage or is fruit of a desmedido consumerism? The degree of instruction and the financial situation translate conscience ambient? The most supplied they deposit in its lixos> organic residues that will serve of food to the poverty that lives of the catao? The population growth impacta the environment or is really the practical one of the responsible consumerism for its degradation? Following the catadores and trucks of collection of residues, it is verified that the garbage produced for the supplied classroom more, will count great amounts of organic and industrial residues. Already the garbage produced for the favored classroom less possesss small amount of organic residues and inexpressiva amount of industrial residues. It is observed that it has left more of the residues deposited for the supplied classroom less serves of food and source of income for the favored classroom, a time that the produced garbage is not garbage and yes fruit of an unconscious consumption. Add to your understanding with Crimson Education . It is concluded that the real factor of the ambient degradation is not the population growth, a time that supplied families more and with high degree of instruction possess little children. However, they produce I number well bigger of garbage that a poor family and with low degree of instruction.


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The industrial evolution progress and the uncontrolled increase of the population are taking the Brazilian rivers to a deplorable state of health, therefore, daily, hundreds of tons of toxic and harmful substances are poured, without no treatment causing floods and overflows of the rivers, making with that this arrives until the cities bringing financial damages and illnesses. The financial damages are caused by floods where the sewers of the cities are obstructed of lixos, when it rains this water does not have pra where to flow off and it finishes invading the great cities, bringing damages for the financial, psychological population, and illnesses that are the factor that more worries the authorities. The draining of impermeable surfaces in streets, buildings and other areas paved for sewers, the great amount of industrial garbage located in the coast, added to the fertilizer excess that they go to infiltrate itself in the ground and to poluir underground water sheets and in turn the rivers or ribeiros where this they go to give are considered as main causers in the aquatic pollution. The pollution of waters can appear in some ways, including the thermal pollution, that are the discharge of effluent the high temperatures, physical pollution, that is the discharge of material in suspension, biological pollution, that is the discharge of pathogenic bacteria and virus, and chemical pollution, that can occur for deficiency of oxygen, toxidez and eutrofizao. 4,2 EUTROFIZAO Eutroficao is the phenomenon caused for the rich chemical composite excess nutrient in match or nitrogen, normally caused for the discharge of effluent agriculturists, urban or industrial in a more or less closed water body, what it leads to the extreme seaweed proliferation, that, to entering in decomposition, leads to the increase of the number of microorganisms and to the consequent deterioration of the quality of the water body of the rivers or lakes.

Purificacin Del Water

Some unfoldings above cited, gifts in the practical one of management of the water, finish for inserting other 0 variable in this context, that, in turn becomes, it still more complex. When if it thinks about the consumers of the hdricos resources, becomes necessary to consider, in systemize way, four important boarded aspects already separately: ) The possibility of agents to be unprovided of the access to the water due to financial resource to acquire the good in question; b) The necessities human beings to consume water for the survival do not correspond to the form that the capitalism wants to impose with the mercantilizao of the water; c) the existence of external factors to the control of the using potentials and that they hinder or they limit its access, such as the norms and laws that establish the practical ones of the society; d) the fact of that no good or service, being considered absolute for the individuals, except the vital goods that are the water and air. The necessity of a vision is clear to multidiscipline and critical of the conceptual load the respect of the water, that takes legal expression in the body of the laws, decrees, the regulations, the norms and regiments gifts in the institucional picture that the politics of management of the hdricos resources guides. On the other hand, the interpretation, the use and the application of these concepts certainly return to the space configuration of these sources, influenced on it, transforming its geography. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Charles Kushner. Thus if it can affirm that the space structure of a source in which the water is considered as merchandise, with right of private use, it must be substantially different of a basin, in the same conditions, if it will be dealt with and used as a universal good under guardianship public use. 4. Bibliographical references ARBOLEDA, v.j., Practical Theory y woollen Purificacin Del Water, ACODAL, Colombia, 1992. . Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ pursues this goal as well.

Social Responsibility

It is also a strategical instrument to evaluate and to multiply the exercise of the corporative Social Responsibility. In the social rocking the company shows what she makes for its professionals, dependents, collaborators and community, giving transparency to the activities that they search to improve the quality of life for all. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Charles Kushner has to say. That is, its main function is to become public the enterprise Social Responsibility, constructing bigger bonds between the company, the society and the environment. The social rocking is a tool that, when constructed for professional multiples, it has the capacity of explicitar and measuring the concern of the company with the people and the life in the planet. In Brazil the first social rockings had been published in years 80, but in the following decade some corporations had only passed to publish them annually. In 1997, Herbert sociologist de Souza, the Betinho, promoted a great together campaign ace companies for the spreading of the social rocking, despite voluntarily. Since January of this year the spreading of ‘ ‘ rocking social’ ‘ it is a recommendation of the Federal Advice of Accounting, that through NBC T 15 of 2004 (Brazilian Norms of Accounting) establishes the procedures to be declared in the Information of Social and Ambient Nature. He is obligator? Not.

Then, why to publish? ‘ ‘ Because to give accounts it adds value to negcio’ ‘. The social rocking favors to that they interact with the company and holds intangible aspects (reputation, confidence, credibility, integrity, intellectual capital, allegiance of the consumer, management of risk, partner-ambient responsibility and others) that they complement the traditional patrimonial rockings and the accounting of tangible aspects as: financial capital, immobilized etc.

Vicentina Village

With its ample spaces, the city-satellites,> . (Ibidem, P. 346). Although the socializante perspective of the planning of the new capital, the economic aspect was the main parameter used in the occupation of the urban space. To receive the involved people with the construction from Brasilia (engineers, laborers and others technician), encampments as of the parallel Candangolndia, Velhacap, Village Plateaus (before called Three to be able) and Parano Village, and lodgings to the workmanship seedbeds had been made. Gouva (2005) underlines that the construction of the capital in the decade of 50 was marked by practical of violence, such as: absence of a fiscalizador agency of practical the abusive ones of the hours of working, slaughters as of constructor Pacheco Fernandes, basses wages, amongst others. In 1958, about 4.000 flagellates of it dries northeastern had arrived at the Free City (currently Bandeirante Nucleus) with the objective to find work in the city. The presence> of this group it was basic to provoke a decision taking, on the part of the State, to the habitacional question that already if constitua in a problem in the formation of the capital.

However, in the attempt of: impediz them to have it access to the city, barriers in the road, the control of the Novacap had been mounted. The flagellates northeasterns had answered to the reception having seted an encampment of the other side of the barrier, that passed to be called Village Sara Kubitscheck. The situation created for the flagellates allied to the existing problem already of the population excesses, constituted to the edges of other encampments, forced the construction of the first city satellite, Taguatinga, in 1958. (GONALVES, M.V., 1998, p 72) It is important to detach that before exactly of the inauguration of Brasilia, some encampments of workmanship and slum quarters already were being dislocated for distant nuclei. To shelter the workers they appear, at this time, the city-satellites of Gamma, Sobradinho, the Vicentina Village in Planaltina and the Village They are Jose in in the DF, the populations of lesser income had been always accomodated in localities more distant and endowed with lesser infrastructure.

Brecht Verses

Leonardo Guzman Riveros. First came to look for the Communists, and I was not Communist so I do not proteste. Then they came for the Socialists and the labor leaders, but was not neither one nor the other so no proteste. Then they came for the Jews, but I was not Jewish so I do not proteste. And when they came for me already it was not anyone who might protest. He could have sworn that these verses were written by Bertolt Brecht, dramatist and German poet killed by the Stasi, according to some, or a cardiac arrest after one cold, according to others. Brilliant and troubled was almost expelled from high school per say to die for the homeland era propaganda directed in which only fools fall. His father and the religion teacher managed to avoid punishment in that opportunity.

Brecht – creator of the epic Theatre walked forcing his balance on the edge of the knife with remarkable determination and skill; proof of this was shortly before the installation of the nazi regime in Germany made the film To whom the world belongs you? that was banned in 1933. Prior to this had already received warnings for his Opera of four quarters where criticized the bourgeois order representing it as a society of criminals. Throughout much of his life expressed its commitment to the ideas Socialist Marxist, however the emergence of his libertarian spirit turned him into a critical severe upon which Cay the rough weight of power without compassion, either when the nazis burned his books, or when he was interrogated during his exile in the United States by the Committee of activities anti Americansdriven by Republican Senator Joseph Mc Carthy. This last episode forced him to leave a day after the interrogation practised by the Committee. Several times he was on the verge of becoming a martyr of his own ideas and remains the doubt but so happened at the end of his days.

By some thoughtless mechanism authorship was attributed to Brecht’s the verses that give home to this note. Actually, versions that most know are different to the text presented today, not in its fund pessimistic and hopeless. Current, is that the author was Martin Niemoller, Protestant pastor who spoke as part of a sermon in the Holy week of 1946, in Kaiserslautern, Germany. The true author – finally confused – did not do so in verse as the text presented today and, as if this were not enough, never took him to the written letter. * Original author and source of the article.

Residual Inselbergues

In the region of Paraibano Eastern Curimata this concern is not different, a time that some cities suffer with the hdrica scarcity arriving to pass entire weeks without canalized water of the system of local supplying. Many reservoirs used for the supplying meet with relatively low levels producing the necessity of water rationing in the periods of estiagem. The city of Araruna is located in the microregion of the Eastern Curimata, distando 165 km of the capital Joo Person, about 110 km of Campina Great the 120 km of Christmas, capital of the Rio Grande of the North. Its foundation occurred to the 10 of July of 1876. Known for its cold and ameno climate, the city possesss one of the most traditional parties of Is Joo of the Paraba, festejo popular carried through at the end of the month of June. Araruna is one of the main cities of the Paraibano Wasteland, due to its polarization to the too much cities of the Curimata of the Paraba and Serid to potiguar, making territorial limit with four cities of state of the Rio Grande of the North.

The city is inserted in the geoambiental unit of the Hand saws, Residual Inselbergues and Macios. One bes situated in the part highest of the Mountain range of the Araruna and raises it an altitude of 580 meters, what it provides ameno climate to it, above sea level characteristic of the altitude heath, whose temperature in the 18 winter arrives at C. The city is enclosed in the geographic area of abrangncia of the semibarren Brazilian, defined for the Ministry of the National Integration in 2005. This delimitation has as criteria the pluviomtrico index, the index of dryness and the risk of drought. In accordance with the IBGE (Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics), in the year of 2010 its population was esteem in 20.009 inhabitants.