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The industrial evolution progress and the uncontrolled increase of the population are taking the Brazilian rivers to a deplorable state of health, therefore, daily, hundreds of tons of toxic and harmful substances are poured, without no treatment causing floods and overflows of the rivers, making with that this arrives until the cities bringing financial damages and illnesses. The financial damages are caused by floods where the sewers of the cities are obstructed of lixos, when it rains this water does not have pra where to flow off and it finishes invading the great cities, bringing damages for the financial, psychological population, and illnesses that are the factor that more worries the authorities. The draining of impermeable surfaces in streets, buildings and other areas paved for sewers, the great amount of industrial garbage located in the coast, added to the fertilizer excess that they go to infiltrate itself in the ground and to poluir underground water sheets and in turn the rivers or ribeiros where this they go to give are considered as main causers in the aquatic pollution. The pollution of waters can appear in some ways, including the thermal pollution, that are the discharge of effluent the high temperatures, physical pollution, that is the discharge of material in suspension, biological pollution, that is the discharge of pathogenic bacteria and virus, and chemical pollution, that can occur for deficiency of oxygen, toxidez and eutrofizao. 4,2 EUTROFIZAO Eutroficao is the phenomenon caused for the rich chemical composite excess nutrient in match or nitrogen, normally caused for the discharge of effluent agriculturists, urban or industrial in a more or less closed water body, what it leads to the extreme seaweed proliferation, that, to entering in decomposition, leads to the increase of the number of microorganisms and to the consequent deterioration of the quality of the water body of the rivers or lakes.