President Castello Branco

The company answered promoting a campaign itinerante making the people to surrarem the car with handle of iron with intention to prove the quality and resistance of the contested material. The objective biggest of Fernandes was to create a Brazilian car that did not need to pay royaltes to the foreign companies, who possessed competitive prices and to designer bolder than its competitors. For this the IBAP developed its proper mechanics, however it imported of Italy its engines. According to Nasser, the multinationals had started to promote boycotting. Also it threatened to cut quotas of advertising, and forcing the press to criticize and to ignore the national project. The first archetype appeared in the end of 1964, much similar to the Chevrolet Corvair and the Rumbler, shown browse-quality to President Castello Branco.

With the advent of the Blow civilian-military man in 1964, an car called Democrat and produced by a called company President, ideologically it represented a species of ' ' anti-marketing' '. The company follows being massacreed for the press, being called industry ghost, smuggler and irregular collecting of saving that lived under false allegation of construction of automobiles. Directors had suffered persecutions, the Central banking forbade the action sales and participation in the process of privatization of the FNM and innumerable actions at law take the company to the scandalous bankruptcy. Project IBAP was abandoned in 1968 with five produced units and the patrimony of the company kidnapped for Justice. NATIONAL PLANT OF ENGINES: The state-owned company initiate in 1940, in the government of Getlio Vargas, the of the state of Rio de Janeiro city of Duke of Caxias, established in 13 of June of 1942 had as purpose to construct aeronautical engines that would be used in military training. The company, as well as the CSN, received financial incentives and assistance technique from the government of U.S.A.