Culture: a peculiar way to think on itself and the other Is very interesting to observe the different forms of thought of the human being on similar aspects of its behavior. When it is said in culture, many believe to be something that alone if it acquires by means of a formal instruction, carried through in a pertaining to school scope. That only people who more possess a favored financial income are that they are cultured people. This form of if thinking the culture as a systemize, pertaining to school formation, would be a perhaps maken a mistake vision of what it comes to be culture. When comparing interviews carried through with people of different formations, are clearly to understand this type of thought. When asking to a person who has a graduation, on what is culture, it answers ' ' it is the junction of the characteristic elements of a people, such as ethnic, regional, religious, musical elements ' ' , one another reply for the same question was: ' ' Culture is what we live in ours localidade' ' finally, when interviewing one lady who lives in the agricultural space of a city of the pernambucano interior, the same one answers that culture is ' ' the way to dress, of if arranging and conversar' '. Observing all the answers, are well-known that both the interviewed person, independent of its pertaining to school formation, inside possesss of itself a culture concept. Exactly being different the forms of if thinking the culture, but both have its coherent point of view with what it is the culture. When we see the culture as an instrument of transformation of the world by means of the action human being, we understand that some characteristic elements cited by the first one interviewed, are complemented by third, to the speech that the way to also dress and to talk composes these characteristic elements.