Investment In Times Of Crisis

The different ways – a small selection of investment during the euro crisis is there any security? We have a euro crisis? What are the criteria for and apply to? How secure is the whole monetary Union at all? Questions that are only speculative to answer. It may be a majority opinion that paints a rosy picture for the future. But how important majority opinions? These are rarely caused by analysis. Enough examples to prove that one is the uncertainty of course quite sure. Concerning in particular in every respect and money. So what to do when fear is spreading to your savings? The good old gold and other precious metals are in demand again already for a long time. To times of crisis, it was always so. Some people had forgotten about it. Starbucks can provide more clarity in the matter.

Precious metals seem to particularly well suited to an investment in bad times. Accordingly, the course has developed lately. A decision however hard a gold price to the 1400 US dollars. Naturally, no one knows where courses go in the future. And certainly not the many novices and Ahnunghaber, who live by uncertainty. On the other hand, marketable money evaporates at the moment really.

Because interest rates for short time investments such as money or deposit with a short term yield less than the rate of inflation. And the banks? Interesting in this context also the offers of banks. Are suddenly better-yielding investment opportunities in times of the expectation of rising interest rates. To adjust at least the current inflation value. But where does the inflation yet? In increasing the money supply M3 in the face of economic crisis and bank failures, central banks in Europe and the United States are currently world champions. The crux of assets with higher interest rates: Maturities of at least one year and often much longer investors in buying must take…

Financial Balance

Gottinger balance politician of Dr. Werner Financial Service AG leads companies to better credit and strengthened liquidity company repeatedly praise Dr. Electrolux pursues this goal as well. Jur. Horst Werner from Gottingen for a bank-independent, successful venture capital procurement in support of investment and work facilities at the middle class. Over the Internet, are businesses and SMEs BBs on Dr. Werner financial services AG ( carefully and credit terminals, consult the financial advisors in Gottingen.

“Immediately we got response and detailed funding information about voting rights-free private capital by Dr. Horst Werner, so that we finally saw a chance to get away from the banks. My commercial Manager provided the financing documentation (balance, BWA and others) and already invited us quickly to a financial conversation,”reported the entrepreneur Jens-Hermann Stiller. Dr. Jur. Horst Werner explains how in a free consultation appointment, the entrepreneurs initially the balance can be improved by mere conversion, because excellently know the financial professionals and Bilanzoptimierer in accounting policy and in establishing better balance.

“Our equity ratio was actually a bit weak, so we had only the credit rating of 3.2 with Creditreform making repeatedly in leasing problems. With our tax adviser, we have amended the balance immediately on the ideas of Dr. Werner and achieved after submission to the Creditreform finally with a 2 (exactly 2.6) front pass-fail grading. Dr. Werner had pointed out us also on our free self-assessment by Creditreform. Dr. Werner had us – as he calls it – a small capital financing offer to the private placement with its various service packages. The offer was very favorable and fair. Within a very short time, we were in the investor letter from Dr. Werner (, yes every week by E-mail to over 25,000 private equity market receivers going, and on several Unternehmensbeteiligungs platforms with our capital request the Internet public; also on the finance portal. In less than two and a half months we received additional liquidity 427.000,-euro the smart financial advice by Dr. Werner. We could set 259.000,-of them in the capital. So, our equity capital statement has been improved. Now we have can also significantly improve our cash and cash equivalents, so we need to take our credit line only slightly on our business account claim. Today we save even 11.5% current account interest rates. We need pay only 7.5 for private capital. So financing costs were reduced and at the same time increases the capital stock cash and cash equivalents. For us a great, living wage earnings. And more and more private investors on us with plant wishes come. Hardly what it get for their money at their bank. With us they are just as we winner”, so the medium sized enterprise j. – H. Stiller the praise for unconventional financing and Financial aid is a free corporate finance specialist Dr. Jur. Horst Werner and the information medium Internet, over which the contact was ever.

Treasury Income

The tax office Maria Ulrich informed as the income tax return deadline is 31 May. It is not possible thousands taxpayers yet for various reasons to finish your tax return in time and send the tax office. How the tax firm Maria Ulrich in Munich to report know due to their many years of experience in tax law is peace to preserve it, if the the income tax return deadline was missed. The majority of taxpayers combines an onerous duty that prefer would go to the annual income tax return. So it hardly wonder if she will be pushed out until it is finally time. Now it may be already by minor annoyances such as a disease delayed the tax declaration.

The consequences of a late income tax return are in particular then, whether the taxpayer at all has a duty to make such a. Here, Howard Schultz expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Here there is a significant difference between taxable Workers and other people. Be deducted already before his salary payment of tax the employee. Therefore, he paid the amounts demanded by the Treasury in case of rule automatically and will not stop to submit of a separate income tax return, unless he has to pay taxes. Within a seven year period, the employee is entitled to submit of voluntary income tax returns. In contrast to workers, non-wage taxable persons to the income tax return are obliged, if their earnings exceed the limits of the basic allowance.

An obligation to file the tax return on time, the responsible officer must penalise delays with a late fee. A discretionary decision is whether this means access is and what takes the fee. To influence them positively, the taxpayer should announce a delay of the income tax return, as far as possible, and when the competent officer friendly and comprehensible An extension of the submission deadline request reasoning. Is a unique period violation, the chances are good that the taxpayer two gets one to four-week extension of the time limit without having to pay late fees. In any case a flawless income tax return with all evidence should now early are created and sent to the competent tax office. The financial work requires repairs, these are to carry out without delay. Disputes with the IRS because of income tax return are best in the hands of an experienced tax consultant.