Art Interests

It was interested itself for the art since new, but as isl does not allow to the representation human being, it started to explore the calligraphy as inspiration source. Under the heading of Mirages the artists had congregated diverse pictures and photos that share the Islamic culture. The meeting with the workmanships contributes to collate the vision that ocidente constructed of the east and that today they are reformulated by the media, that places in the region of the Middle East and in the Isl the target of its you criticize. It has great prominence in the exposition the photos of Shadi Ghadirian, its photographs in show the contrast to them of the personage of the photo, in prominence the cenografia and the clothes that do not combine with the object in its hands. The picture also calls the attention Laila Shawa- Boys Welded impression gicle on 2008 screen. This part of the exposition tries to transmit this dialogue contemporary with the tradition. Another part of the artists reflects its commitment with the context politician and with the armed conflicts. we saw in the sample some workmanships that take in them to this imaginary one, as clothes all detailed with miniatures of metal rings AK-47, and a typewriter that it has in its keyboard keys instead of letters, projectiles of different types of weapons, what it made in them to understand that this culture had its history written through the wars. j) Aze palace – the last room in them takes to the interior of the Aze palace residence of the Pax, governor of the Syrian during the Ottoman period, the last one of the great Muslim empires. Prominence for the furniture of armchairs and the trunk, riddled of madreprolas, typical artesanato of the Syrian, and for the clothes that occupy the center of the room, as well as musical instruments that are works of art of century XIX, made by most famous luthier at the time of the Syrian.