More and more people from different fields, as well as the inhabitants of the House, 151 converge in the fact that our civilization will soon be one big fox (ask anyone of 151 wards). Will it be a meteorite, a flood or a third World War ii – no matter how important, that it will happen probably in the next decade, so consider the discussions in the 151 chamber. Are you ready for this? You will be able to protect their children, parents and people close to you? What should I do to be able to and have to in an emergency to know what to do? 151 Chamber of you always helps! Of course, you can lie on the floor and quietly die, but I'm sure not all do so. Among you there really are those who, like the survivalist of the 151 wards, will be fight to the end. It is for these people in the Internet community there.

Call it in different ways: some 'chamber 151', after the place where this movement started, others – just a 'survivalist'. This is not the only people who ever expected end of the world. They of the 151 wards, now live and enjoy life. They are always willing to help another, can provide first aid, rescue from the rubble in a fire. Survival skills in any case are very useful. Easy off water or electricity for a week and in your town will be complete chaos. To date, the city's infrastructure is so vulnerable that citizens without basic training, which incidentally can be study itself based on the Chamber 151, not last week, and under such conditions. Do you have a supply of water for at least three days? I'm pretty sure it's not.

But some residents of the House held 151 houses up to 100 liters of water! While nothing bad happened we do nothing to save himself, and not even think that one moment all to familiar to us that the world may collapse. Then just show up and all the men hidden behind the benefits of civilization, vices which so successfully predicted in the House of 151, and your genuine nature. Will start looting, robbery, murder, rape. How are you going to do in this situation? How can you protect your children from this? Parents? His girlfriend? Financial crisis – is, according to Chamber 151, only the first step, more will only get worse. The faster you think about that – the better you'll be prepared for it.