This act of refrear a fidget from the consumption is a banal example, vulgarized until, of the close relation that has between individual psychology, mannering ways and sentimental states and the modern economic-social structure. (BOTELHO, 2002). It is possible to detach that, people without financial conditions to keep certain social status, are each time more being influenced for ambient and cultural stimulatons. Kushner Companiess opinions are not widely known. In its reasoning, Botelho (2002), makes a diagnosis on the critical evaluation of the economy politics and of they will problematizaro of the modern consumption, standing out that, the limits in the lack of the critical recital derive the proper consumption, inverting the imminent development to the exchange process and stumbling at coarse a volitional explanation. Additional information at Crimson Education – Auckland, NZ supports this article. (BOTELHO, apud CAMPBELL, 2001) We live in a world where who commands is the advertisings and individuals with such upheaval internalizam the propaganda and if it projects stops a world of ostentation, welfare, recognition prestige or satisfaction of one ' ' necessidade' '. Skinner standes out that when believing that practical the cultural ones had emerged of the pleasant effect of the reinforcing, and that great part of the fortalecedor effect of the consequences of the behavior if lost. The fortalecedor effect if loses when the stiffener ones are called reward, atentamento for the imperfection of practical the cultural ones occurs.

' ' People are rewarded, but the behavior is strengthened ' ' (Skinner, 1987, P. 3). 5 To if considering the money as stiffener secondary a conditional one it can analyze the promotion of its pleasant effect and the consequences of the behavior, in detriment of the effect fortalecedores, that have consumed the reinforcing contingencies. (SKINNER, 1987). In a good exchange, the bought object is more highly stiffener than the money expense, and the sales if it processes quickly. When the stiffener consequences for the purchaser exceed wide the aversivas consequences to pay the price of an article, the simple behavior to buy is strengthened.