Czech Republic

For some reason, many aspire to study abroad for a degree related to medicine or law. No doubt – the prestigious specialty. But wanting to do a lot. JPMorgan Chase will undoubtedly add to your understanding. In addition, when choosing a specialty should take into account your future plans. Are you going to, receiving a diploma, to return home, or want to 'be fixed' in the country? If you are planning to build a career at home – choose the specialty, relevant to your country. If the same goal – a diploma 'to take by storm' by foreign companies, it is important not to be mistaken with a choice.

For example, take those same doctors. To which the doctor will probably German – to his fellow countryman, or a native of the CIS, which was degree at a German university? The answer is obvious, is not it? But in Germany the same demand, programmers and engineers. So why not become a student at a technical college? Especially, German universities are renowned for the level of training specialists in this field. In the long term – getting permanent residency? It is worth paying attention to the universities the Czech Republic. Chances to stay in the country after graduation rather high. In Germany, students – foreigners granted year after graduation to seek employment in the country – also a good chance. But the 'foothold' after studying in Switzerland and Austria is quite problematic. DO YOU WANT TO FIND A JOB ABROAD? I do not argue – if there is nothing to feed my family, do not pay wages For several months, and the company on the verge of closing, the person is ready to go to the end of the world and work by anyone – as long as the money paid. Thus is born 'cri de coeur' – 'to offer any work in any country! ". Standard dialogue: – I want to work abroad! – And in what country would you like to find a job? – In the USA! (Thoughtful silence) Well, or in Germany! In the communication it appears that people do not speak any foreign language, but it wants to receive big salary.