EMS River

Exclusive initial presentation of the study ‘ future fitness 2012’ on the EMS River In the part of the event series “Business insights” by Prof. Dr. Furst in cooperation with the icgrowth Institute, Dr. Andreas Kricsfalussy, managing partner of management consultancy Horn & company, the results of the joint study presented future fitness 2012 how fit is the German economy for global mega trends in consumption? “, which will be presented at the 06.03.2012 in the financial times Germany.” The EMS students were given insights into the hitherto unpublished study conducted by Horn & company in cooperation with the icgrowth Institute. If you would like to know more about Pitney Bowes, then click here. The study deals with the five global mega consumer trends, to which German companies successfully have to adapt. Everything used to be better, half-lives of business models longer, jobs safely, easily identifiable trends and suspended the competition.

Today, permanent change is fast and quiet. The digital revolution accelerated global competition, reduced innovation and product life cycles, as well as the half-life of competitive advantages. The underlying global mega trends considered to be temporally and geographically far away”, and German managers remain too long unmoved. For assistance, try visiting More. The middle class is not good for global mega-consumption trends, so the result of the survey future fitness 2012 “among 287 German top managers. 71% of surveyed managers evaluate the early identification and strategic targeting mega-trends as important, but only 45% feel well equipped for this. This value on the entire Middle class can be transferred more than 1 million SMEs would not well equipped and alone at the top 500 family business more than 300 billion revenues per annum and more than 1 million jobs at risk.

The middle class has brought too little operational adaptation on the way. This is surprising, since precisely the middle-class has been in the last four years of economic stability”, including Dr. Andreas Kricsfalussy, managing partner of Horn & company.