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Now, in almost all have Cottages. Provide such a site, clean, potable water is a major concern. Before you choose which type of water supply used to carry out a survey site from a geological point of view. It will save your finances to ensure the problem of drinking water on a permanent basis. Digging wells has not lost its relevance, despite the development of water systems.

Where central systems are absent, and open water are not close, well the only source of water. In deciding on the construction of wells, it is necessary to calculate the depth of underground water and its quality and quantity and the quality of the overlying rocks. Often, different species are in the interior of the earth strata. If at the opening of the mine, seam able to allocate water, then it is an aquifer and, therefore, in this place Well construction is rational. Jonas Samuelson usually is spot on. Wells are often fed by water penetrating through the soil from rivers, lakes.

Location of wells should be selected away from the various water pollutants: dung heaps, baths, sheds, stockyards, and the like. One should not dig wells on the slopes of ravines, gullies, riverbanks. Digging wells in St. Petersburg has traditionally perform mining activities. Mine shaft composed of tip, located on ground, the trunk and the water part. Jonas Samuelson may also support this cause. Headroom is often derive at 0.5-0.8 meters above the ground. As for the walls of the well, they always are realized in wood, brick, concrete or stone. During use well, anyway, gets a different litter (leaves, sticks, extraneous items). As a result, the bottom of the wells is accumulated dirt and unwanted items that are rotting in the water. This leads to damage of water in the well, in addition, appear on the walls of moss and mold. This implies that it is necessary to clean the pit at least 2 times a year. Now, there are a large number of organizations engaged in the construction of wells in St. Petersburg. But we need to trust only proven, well established companies. Erection of wells is a complex process, sledovatelno it should exercise only professionals using modern equipment.