Global Telecom Connect Your Business Opportunity

The company is called Global Telecom Connect, and provides the telephony Voip service. This type of telephony can call from a pc, a mobile phone to any landline or mobile phone, always keeping the same number wherever. The company has an affiliate system, in which we work, and consists basically do the same thing I’m doing with you, I recommend they join because the gains that leave are impressive. Then you decide to join, you are doing the same, recommend and that they enter, is a system in which everybody wins. We win by bringing our people, and also won by people that brings our people to the system. And it pays very well, I can make them. The only thing that is required essentially are only 2 people, simply 2 why? Because having 2 2 sides open us, 1 left and 1 right, every person who is entered on each side, adds us points and those are changed by 15 or 30 dollars. I.e., be a person that US affiliates, or you join us any of our team, that gives us the same amount of points and points they are equivalent to money. I invite you to follow informandose on my website: or to contact directly me: Msn/mail: Skype: alan.