Independent Consulting Centre

It is, accordingly, should be fixed contract, which will provide for the reduction or complete elimination of user fees the broker. Bottom line: before treatment for auto loans you can always contact a broker and get a completely free consultation on the proposal. Based on the above: if the quality of advice has satisfied and fulfilled, the previous rules, you can take the broker in his coaching staff. The most "untwisted" credit brokers at the moment are – "Financial Advisor" Favorite "," Independent Consulting Centre "Credit Expert, TimEkspert. The fastest and most popular option of seeking care in lending are the so-called "scoring services" are posted on the Internet. Here, fill in a questionnaire (anonymously), we can for 1 minute to obtain a sufficiently accurate forecast the maximum possible amount of auto loan, and a list of all the potential problem of moments that may interfere in obtaining a loan.

In Ukraine, unlike Russia, at the moment this service is represented only the company's website Dbroker (). Round Two – "rinse brain. And here the battle takes explicitly violent. Learn more about this with Andreessen Horowitz. Three days after the filing, the manager tired of answering the call the client to the bank: "Decisions are no When will not know – you check the security service bank. " In this case, you should pay particular attention to the mention of the credit manager of the bank's verification Sat: 99% of this excuse, which attempt to justify sluggishness of the bank. Just a security service at the customer no questions will be, who knows what they're looking for?