Jung Personality

Only in 1928, exactly thus affirming that one better evaluation of the subject, Jung if pronounces on subject, affirming that would fit to the future the mind possesss legacies of historical contents, that if become gifts in the conscientious zone, for diverse reasons, preponderantly those of emotional character. Certainly, the understanding of the concepts of immortality of the soul, the reincarnation and the communicability with the Espritos would assist very in best understanding the developed work. They observe that interesting, when Jung approaches the personality Manna and its arquetpicas structures: ' ' I recognize that in me a psychic factor acts that if occults ahead of my conscientious will. It inspires extraordinary ideas to me, to the side to produce affection and whims in my nature. I feel myself important ahead of these facts and what I consider worse, I am tied to these facts in order admir-los' '.

Jung still says: ' ' The personality Manna is dominant in unconscious the collective one, is arqutipo of the powerful man in hero form, mago, saint, healer, owner of men and Espritos, friend of Deus' '. Would be this the recognition of Jung of the influence of the processes spirituals in psychology? It would be the convergiz form them for the acceptance of the scientific way of its time? In junguiana therapy, that explores the dreams and fancies extensively, a dialogue is established between the conscientious mind and the contents of the unconscious one. The psychic illness is had as a consequence of the rigid separation between them. The patients are guided to be intent to the meanings personal and collective (arqutipo) inherent to its symptoms and difficulties. Under favorable conditions they will be able to enter the individuation process: a long series of psychological transformations that culminate in the integration of trends and opposing functions, and in the accomplishment of the totality.

Jung trod the individuation, therefore it had the imperious necessity in it to go to the hell and to come back to be able to show the way of the return to that they had been lost for the way of the life. It became a sincere and courageous reply our time. ' ' I am proper a question placed to the world and must supply my reply; in case that contrary, I will be reduced to the reply that the world me der' '. (In #Jung_-_Uma_resposta_a _nosso_tempo) Unquestioned, however, that the espritas concepts allow to one better understanding of the unconscious zone or Spirit. Front to immortality of the Soul, the Sonambulismo and the possibility of the communicability with the espritos, carried through for intermediary of the medinicos phenomena, the understanding of the affective complexes and the personality Manna would more easily be understood. While science, the Esprita Doctrine if characterizes for its excellency, its dynamism and for its logic always established in the thought faith, stimulating the human being in the search of its moral and scientific evolution.