Lenin Portrait

History of MMM (original article) Externally tickets reminiscent of Soviet gold coin (he, in fact, was taken as an example), but instead a portrait of Lenin in the center there was a portrait of Sergei Mavrodi. By placing his portrait, Mavrodi acted quite sensibly. He believed that it was "psychologically accurate. "Once a man so openly and without fear printed his portrait, he never going to run" 15 million depositors, one third of the national budget, price increases of 127 times, etc., ave been made to them in just six months. Represent Sergei Mavrodi (remember us by MMM, Leni Golubkov, and his wife and Brutus by clips) to the majority of Russians bestolku … Many people remember, and many … recent contributors (paid profits first and other structures) remember bad words ..

Younger generation Mavrodi interesting from a historical point of view, all the same people managing the whole scheme on the phone, genealny its own way, has the support of at different levels – made large-scale – showed the country's laws in all its glory, the greed of people and stupidly threw .. (Or rather not given until the end of dokidat ..) It's a kind of ChegevaroPonzi, well, a couple of notes with sources … Trying to find a way out situation and to bypass the restriction on issue of shares, Mavrodi just two months after beginning work into circulation so-called "tickets MMM, non-formal securities. ("Well, so do not stop! ") price of one ticket was equal to one hundredth of the share price (by analogy with the money: pennies, and rubles).