Net Marketing

to fall in the trap of the family, of the friends, you are so enthusiastic with the chance who you want that all are joined to yours equip, you at least do not obtain to imagine that they do not want to be part. But if you want to be to networker professional, pods not to bomb them with your businesses. It imagines that you had a store of stockings and you passed the entire day to bind to all people: . That can. They will not only go you to buy nothing if making will be only for commitment as surely a height will arrive in already not even will take care of your calls. You will lose the customer, and moreover you will ruin your personal relation.

It is this that you want for your business? I assume that not. First you have that to learn to identify your public-target, who REALLY is interested in what you have to offer. It identifies them, learns to attract them stops later converting them into your customers. Marketing is this. Despite the politics of the company of Multinvel is distinct (we will go to speak of this more ahead), you are not ambulant salesman. If wanting to be, goes in front, if it makes you to this happy. But I do not believe that you were to read these pages if you liked to pass the day in the street, making> Identifica who can be interested in the product/service that vendes Passo 2 Announces it ONLY for these pessoasPasso 3 Encaminha these people in accordance with your strategy of marketingPasso 4 Vende to them (or better, it leaves to buy them) 5 Step Sponsors them (Increve them).

That is a plan. A success formula, a complete sequncia of as a business of Marketing of Net (marketing multilevel) can be developed successfully. Without suffering, persecutions, stress. Here we teach to you complete strategy to it, step by step. It is the strategy that the great masters (of the MLM) use have anos experience! It identifies your public-target, it finds it, and it forgets yours famlia& of your deliverers, not to be that they are to look your business.