There shall be a company must provide the following information: full name of its registered office address and location, a copy of the charter, certificate of registration in the Chamber of Commerce or a similar institution, a copy of the latest annual financial statements, bank reference of a good reputation. Ministry of Justice may also request the names of shareholders constituted by the company. Blake Krikorian helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. 5. Should one or more of the executive directors of the new company are individuals in For each of them must be provided with the following information: full name and home address, date and place of birth, nationality, marital status, a copy of the passport pages containing personal data and signature. Against any executive director who is a citizen Netherlands, want to fill in a questionnaire released by the Ministry of Justice. From the director, not a citizen of the Netherlands, the required bank reference of a good reputation, unless it is proved that the person is a hired employee of the founder, in which case no bank references required.

6. In case one of the executive directors constituted by the company is a legal entity, the following information: full name, location and registered office address, a copy of its charter, certificate of registration of the founder, issued the local Chamber of Commerce or a similar institution, the last annual accounts, if the director is a Netherlands company, completed a questionnaire issued by the Ministry of Justice. 7. Statement by the founder, in which sure that the parent does not intend to transfer or assign shares ZKOO new directors during the year after the establishment of the company. 8. Properly signed, certified, certified copy Power of Attorney with Apostille. This document requires special attention because the need to prove to the notary in civil law, that: a) signature on this document really belongs to the person, it said, and (ii) the person duly authorized to grant power of attorney on behalf of the founder.