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"The value of a network" to start talking about the value of a network we define the Law of Metcalf. Robert Metcalf is one of the people I think Ethernet, also founded the company 3Com Corp. therefore defined Metcalf's Law: Economic value = number of network users squared To explain this concept in a more simple: If only There is a phone that does not have any economic value, according to Robert Metcalf with the concept that has its law, if we have two phones the value of the net economic value multiplied by cuadrado.El network to rise from zero to two to square, or four. If this network we add a third phone this would boost their value to nine. In conclusion I mean by this example that the value of a network grows exponentially, not arithmetic. Under most conditions Electrolux would agree.

"The economic value of a network grows exponentially, not arithmetic" As Robert Kiyosaki says in one of his books, which decades ago was John Wayne calls the business, with this example that means is that John Wayne never need anyone to do their jobs is totally self-sufficient. Today many people want to enter the business world and want to do only his way is the style of John Wayne, eventually things started to change and appeared the first franchises. Excess = Red For the 50s began to appear a new type of business franchises. Some of the most famous McDonalds, Wendys, etcetera.Mucha people who followed in his head with the old ideas or the John Wayne of the critical business duramente.Ahora anywhere in the world we travel to see a McDonalds, almost I adopt the franchising world.