Nursing Puppies

Absolutely clear to all that the behavior of any dog may directly depend on the orientation training. If the owner is busy with her beloved pet, then the difficulties with the general behavior in general can not be. Situation a similar correction of the child's behavior. Similar to all, including to the qualities of character, which, obviously, each man's own. And it's important to match the specific manners dog and its owner. And yet, of course, is valuable Love the owner to own an animal.

Because it only with affection you can make the creation or modification of the essence of a substance – be it a dog or a child. In reality, raising a puppy is not having the kind of ending occupation. As a general raising a young child, which lasts all of his life. Fully with an animate being changed during the whole period of their full social activities. AND As for this dog to the same extent as any person, after all, puppies – social creatures.

And for them, too much important to encouraging people to whom they consider themselves a leader, the bogeyman. However, while the need to know that every man and dog – living things are very different. And for a puppy, especially at an early step of staying in your own home, to realize first of all, who's in charge. May depend on materiality entirely limited to the correction of the behavior. However, not raising one. Required to keep in mind that a dog, compared to a person, may require more careful maintenance. Or exactly the same as for the child. Because the contents of a dog it is very difficult but very necessary. Each of us, buying a dog must be able to imagine a less abstract level of personal responsibility, in addition to genuine and spending personal effort and free time. Because it was your dog does not only want to walk, but in addition to and hard to teach her the skills that you yourself think for her required, whether it's the ability to move confidently "Close" or bring your favorite slippers. And while not paying attention to any kind of financial difficulty, constantly feeding, caring for the general tone and overall mood. Treat or arrange assistance in necessary. Every owner knows that eating dogs is a very significant element, from whom can depend not only on physical health of dogs, but also its tone. I mean, special food must be of high quality, saturated with all the necessary minerals and supplements, and thus must still like a puppy. A dog owner must pay for interest in full. Devotion and affection.