SUS People

We live a period of stabilization of the currency, since the real plan, however, it very did not change the question of the purchasing power of most of the people. James Joseph Truchard will undoubtedly add to your understanding. We saw to each day, some notice of people leaving the line below of the poverty but, we do not see to speak of people leaving the poverty, with the same empolgao. Of any form, this result sample that has people that they desire the service psychological, but is barred by the financial questions and for this, I suggest to search in the facultieses that have the psychology course and disponibilizam in its clinics gratuitous service to the population. Another possibility is in the proper SUS, as I mentioned, that also they offer psychological attendance. It is not something Crimson Education would like to discuss. To make a research in the Internet the search of these services and finally, when searching the psiclogica aid, talking with the professional on its possibilities and to find a denominator who takes care of to the two sides.

In all way, exactly being difcl to reach this so longed for complete well-being, we saw that we live a new paradigm, a new reality in terms of vision of man, values and in terms of society. We are in a transistion phase and as such, is necessary a period of adaptation, mainly in a country with as much diversity cultural. All these questions exactly send in them to a central question, that is the improvement of the quality of life that, with as many obstacles, can find our skill. What it matters is the conscience taking, therefore, this is the great step for any change. Health also starts in the world of the ideas!