Is disregarded promise. Fallacy of between-teeth for the linguo-dental one. Language that does not support the emptiness of the inexpressiva speaks of one ' ' until never mais' ' camouflaged. True ' ' thief of palavras' ' he is this in reality, that vampiriza the language in its beauty and amplitude in the possibilities of if reviewing the directions, the two of the announced meeting. Teligo or ' ' nor you ligo' ' they sound so equal when emitted in a contrast of forces that if face: of the different sounds and one exactly the feeling. I bind to you is delayed, echo in the heart of who leaves hears, cause peace and joy because religa what it is connected by the affection and the consideration. I bind to you makes of the citizen a citizen that it knows to subject the language to its desire; teligo, not.

Teligo until if repeats in the lowermost small partitions of the receiver, however in shy, flabby way and coward. Teligo is workmanship of who does not know the language that kisses the flower, neither loves the proper language, becoming it imprudent and extreme. To broaden your perception, visit Andreessen Horowitz. I bind to you runs away from the claws smarter than Mrs. malice tries to imprison. You I bind is not confused with nothing nor to nobody, it only enlace as present what it goes being left in the past, but needs to be resubmitted. I bind asks for the proname to you after the verb, in the cultured language of the good grammar, however, when said in form of caress on the presence of the other, I bind to you breaches the formality because it makes the sincere privacy to arrive as wax melted in letter that is delivers in hands. I bind to you good excessively when is received in the confident and innocent eyes.

It comes close itself without the weight of the calculation of grace period. It does not beat well. It touches the bell of the door as an old salesman of beauty products, that with a familiar smile and neighboring vendia its fish forging friendships for the quarter. I bind to you pacifies ancestor between the pasts that if more ahead find with the certainty to have presence of espritos. I bind to you transforms fans into agents ex-officio, as in a celebration taking care of of the details for the ritual of the wait. When somebody to say teligo, is better nor to listen to or to amend ' ' you bem' '. It silences in a signal of I fight for the violated language and deceased, that the Latin climate lost. But when to hear I bind to you, only smiles as who knows to recognize the resources that the words offer in this so difficult art of if communicating.