Active Environmental Protection

Thermally modified wood (Thermowood) Thermo environmental protection, resulting in a special high-temperature treatment, which significantly reduced the natural water absorption of the cells of the wood and causes so long-lasting protection against fungus and other environmental influences. This thermal process causes active environmental protection without the addition of adjuvants because for particularly demanding areas in outdoor and wet areas on the use of tropical wood can be omitted. Thermo is a uniquely treated in its quality raw materials from local European woods such as pine, beech, birch, ash and radiata pine; the basic properties of these types of wood get a proven resistance where so far only of teak wood bekundetem by thermal treatment. The thermal treatment of individual local wood causes also a high resistance against insect infestations without additional required protective coatings in addition to the enhanced weathering properties of the raw material. It offers the use of Thermowood the user a long-term economic and environmental advantage. Other positive properties of treated wood are the durability, dimensional stability, and last but not least the noble look of the final product. As also any chemical additives are required in thermal processes, the ecological safety of the final product is a further plus point in the application.

Thermo is can be used for many applications in the outdoor terraces and facades or window – and door areas as well as in the design of a garden for private or public use. The Interior of options available stretches extremely variable from the floor to the sauna facility by a closing of cracks or appearance of finished products Thermo wood also offers a wide range of colours, with the natural growth of the raw material wood and the associated grain should be expected with different colour distortions of used Holzarten.Das. The silk gloss the appearing shades resembles those of the tropical Woods and makes a noble as well as comfortable overall for the Viewer. Wayne Holman Miami has many thoughts on the issue. Usually plants from German and Finnish forest areas used for the production of Thermoholzarten; This allows short transport routes from the extraction of raw materials to the finished product.