Ships Again

The main need to acquire this value is the unfamiliarity, the ability to ask ourselves an effort extra… give a little more than normal. Discipline is permanently work according to certain standards and criteria established by oneself. And a clear example of this is seen in athletes, who after a long difficult preparation times they achieved good results in the competitions. Success is the sum of small actions performed over and over again, in a consistent and permanent. The routine is what creates the habit so that our achievements are not accidental, but permanent. To achieve this, you must identify what habits you want to incorporate into your life in the coming days, months and years? what you want to do part of your day-to-day life?. If at least during a month you put them into practice over and over again, at the end of the month, you’ll be running them in automatic and in three months it will be a built-in habit.

Put to the test your discipline, do not miss the opportunity to strengthen these habits that are those who end up not only your success, but your ability to keep it. 3 Burn the ships and give the all and understand that failure is not an option. This is essential to give everything yourself, understand that failures happen and it can be overcome again and again, not enough to try, but go for what you want and you want to achieve. Because many will tell you that this does not work, is a waste of time, you have another thing that is this business or entrepreneurship, etc. But if you really believe in yourself. There is no one that can stop you. When you don’t have a dream to conquer; a mission to live, a part of you is dying do not let this happen. And I think the best example that we are the great personalities and successful, these people fought for what they wanted and their dreams, but before having success failed many and up to thousands of times but never if surrendered… because they believed in their dreams and had to clear what they wanted to achieve. Fight for what you want and fight for your dreams nobody stop you.