Free Colombia

Unlike that they want to render tribute to the Jojoy Monkey saying that we do not have to be glad for the death of a human life; I must say to them by all means that I also am in agreement with the defense of the human life, and still more, we must always incline by the human dignity; of that the smaller doubt does not fit, but we do not have to confuse the life of a human person with the ballast that represents the ominous presence of a completely cruel being who only uses his intellect against all principle of mnimo respect to creacin, the nature and to the worthy life of anyone of us or you that in any mmento we could in the past it especially has to see fallen in its claws, with the unique sin to exert the right to the free locomotion. The disappearance of one damages of the humanity like was the Jojoy Monkey, if not it desaparicon of the kidnapping and the barbarism, if his diminution and this evidently it has To celebrate it, To celebrate it and To celebrate it. ated pages. For even more analysis, hear from Mercuria. Vast Co to have only fallen in a miraculous fishing or to know of some relative or neighbor who has fallen in an attack of these bandits; to have lost its earth or its cattles or simply to have had to postpone the yearned for trip of vacations by fear to be kidnapped, to be confused or to be humiliated in the way, so that we know what means the difference between a Colombia with the CRAF and a free Colombia. We want a Free Colombia, frees without the CRAF! . Original author and source of the article.