Office Partition Systems

Create an efficient, organized office right now is impossible without the use of office partitions. Their use helps to separate and optimize the space in accordance with the ideas of the customer. C by A-OFFICE.RU you can most effectively organize the work of your company. We are ready to find the right options for you resettlement office – a variety of colors, finishes, design solutions. Our company performs the full range of activities from manufacturing to installation of office partitions. Today there are several types of office partitions: fixed, mobile, all-glass, plumbing.

They differ in such parameters such as functionality, the degree of sound-and audioizolyatsii, specifications. Cost barriers also varies from economical to expensive, representing a complete design solutions. With fixed office partitions, we can help you solve the problem of optimization of office space. With its wide range of technical solutions can be applied as stationary partitions for sharing office space into functional zones, and for the construction of indoor private rooms or isolation facilities for other purposes. A wide range of materials provides the functionality We constructed office partitions. The problem of selection of personal work area will help solve the mobile office partitions. They do not need fixing, but, on request, we complete mobile partitions legs, which are fastened to the floor. FRAME stationary and mobile office partitions – aluminum profiles for single or double filling, dyed in the chamber of powder coating in any color with RAL.

FRAME is the case with stationary baffle rigidly fixed to the ceiling, walls and floor. As the opacity of the fill, we use a variety of materials: drywall painted or pasted Dyurafort coated, MDF panels, fiberboard, chipboard, plastic penoplastik, and other materials according to your wishes. As a transparent FILL our company uses: glass, tempered glass, laminated glass, and curved plexiglass and polycarbonate components. Possibly execution of combined walls of any configuration. In the septa with double insulation for filling between panels of opaque filling sound insulation material is laid. Current combination aluminum, glass and integrated between the glass blinds will fit into the style of any office. Cavity in the profile are used to flush the cable, telephone and computer communications. When you create a stylish design, the office often used all-glass partitions. This type of partitioning is able to create a feeling of lightness and maximum transparency. This is the best solution for use as office and shopping malls. All-glass partitions will share common space on the premises without disturbing the functionality of the interior of the office. They are made of tempered glass with thickness of 8-10 mm, as used by fixing miniature clamping profile or accessories. In addition, we offer a shower and toilet cabins. Coating materials used by us as a filling, water-resistant and easy to clean. As an additional option for toilet booths can be fitted with locks indicators. Visiting the gallery on our website, you will be able to assess the quality of our work.