Work With Groups

Set and matrix are non-separable during the work. The matrix discloses and reflects the underlying set with this the integrant ones starts to perceive the matrix and goes acquiring knowledge of itself, each component individually and the group as a whole and while the coordinator interprets the group as a whole. Its integrant ones go giving touchs that contribute to enrich the work still more. To this first phenomenon subjaz pairs of the equal and ambivalent opposites. The behavior repeated and disclosed by the group is transformed by the matrix.

Thus a group marked for the egoistic and hostile meiguice and integrant cordialidade can this occulting the behavior of excessively. The coordinator must be intent to these details, however leave the process if develop for proper itself until the emergency of the matrix, when then he will be able to carry through interpretations, therefore a premature interpretation could be presumption to know for dominating the instruments, the tools of the process, does not wait resulted specific, respect the development of the group opportunely, therefore he does not make extreme demonstrations of knowing not to take the group to a success climate or I spoil and nor privileges no component not to exarcebar in the narcsicos the exhibitionism nor in the depressive ones, absence> to know the process worked in always will have capable structure of if keeping firm and continuing its work, if it makes in contrast necessary and efficient of that if they find worried in its narcissism to make look like successes. No matter how hard we strengthen in them in defining the matrix, we will never arrive at a logical conclusion because first it is law and thus if it holds, is in the process, but it is not part of it, however it is the common base for all group event, is a present law in all the events and all the integrant ones. The work still consists of the comment of the degree in the polarities, in the ambivalence: set-matrix. The causes and the events are that they will go to determine greater or minor degree of the conflicts. The resonance will determine the degree of found catexizao or descatexizao in this polarity. All the events in the group as, for example, the degree of cooperation in the resolution and conflicts of its components, are denounced and elaborated from the interpretation of the matrix when the group well is lead. resonance comes of the set, the conflict and the ambivalence also.

The matrix is a neutral unit, that discloses what he is occult, desvela and if it undoes. It imposes itself impartial following its natural law, the expenseses of the behavior of the formed set then. The matrix points the pleasant one and ackward and it interprets it to the coordinator in impartial way. Components of the group are not superior nor inferior to the set. Material the same underlying to the group, subjaz the matrix.