Alternative Agricultures

On the other hand, the agricultural products are commodities. In a question-answer forum Kevin Johnson was the first to reply. The price of insumo is given by the manufacturer, the price of the product is given by the market. The producer loses the control of its descapitalizado production, being, without financial resources for investment; the consequence is the agricultural exodus for the great conglomerates in work search and income. This scene of disequilibrium motivated movements questionadores that debate a way to work the food production, of sustainable form, appear the Agroecologia. The Agroecologia is defined of varies forms, depending on the cognitiva vision, philosophy and social and productive religion of critics, scientists and segments. It is a set of principles that if materialize through Alternative Agricultures. It guides in the direction of a multidimensional agriculture with support: economic, geologic, social, cultural, ethical and politics.

This set of principles has tried studies that involve the agrobiodiversidade, not the industrialization of the life, not the hiperespecializao of the knowledge of agrossistemas productive, biologizaao of agriculture, the selective ecologizao of transistion of a conventional productive model for agroecologico, the interdisciplinaridade, the participation of the producer in the construction local of the models more adjusted its reality. As CAPORAL and COSTABEBER, the Agroecologia provide the scientific and metodolgicas bases for the promotion of styles of sustainable agricultures, food production in adequate amount: The Agroecologia provides the bases scientific and metodolgicas for the promotion of styles of sustainable agricultures, having as one of its axles central offices the necessity of production of foods in adequate amounts and raised biological quality, for all the society.