Antonio Sales

Some events become dry a central subject in the regionalistic speech in the North: the impact caused for the spreading of first done photographs of what it is started to call flagellates, in the press of the South of the country, the inflamed speeches of the representatives of the North in the national Parliament, who also gain the pages of periodicals and the publication of the workmanship the retirantes, of Jose of the Sponsorship in 1879, first romance written on the subject. Other workmanships had been published on the subject of dry, produced for the pertaining scholars to the call 1870 generation. They are: The hunger, of Rodolfo Tefilo, the Cabeleira, of Franklin Tvora, Luzia-Man, of Sundays Olmpio and Aves of migration, Antonio Sales. Additional information is available at Jim Umpleby. These authors, influenced for the cientificistas, evolucionistas theories and the social-Darwins, go to be responsible for the elaboration of images and speak around the man of the North, notadamente of this man vitimado for dry, when to leave of being that one sertanejo with all the moral virtues and the physical force idealized by the classic romance of Jose de Alencar, sertanejo, to become the retirante or the flagellate, one sertanejo degraded physically and morally, a man in tatters, sick person, a skeleton andante. Durval argues that the elites of this space discover the force of the weapon who have in the hands, as this phenomenon and cortejo of miseries that she caused an almost irresistible argument in the hour of if asking for resources became this subject, on behalf of helping victims I afflict of it, on behalf of using them in regular work, organizing and promoting the distribution of the socorros. The northeastern will suffer many from the preconceptions of that she is victim for being associated to these images and these types: the northeastern will be seen, almost always, as being a retirante, a flagellate or a cangaceiro in potential.