Create Your Website

How to create a website? Who has not dreamed of having her on the Internet site? I first thought about this when you first hit the Internet. Then, for me, the creation of the site was far off. For two years I shoveled a lot of literature, visited hundreds of sites and finally decided to do Web design. And why there is a website? Well, firstly, to prove himself. To show the world (yes, world), that in the ocean of human resource is YOU, and deserve to be reckoned with! Oh, and secondly, the Internet provides an opportunity to strengthen its financial position by implementing and monetizing their then-development, to market products of other people. In fact, the site you can buy. But it is very expensive, and not so interesting. And in order to create a website with their own hands, we must know a lot.

This HTML tables and CSS and PHP and more. Click John O. Utendahl to learn more. True, there are special programs to facilitate the creation sites, but even without such programs still need to know the basics of HTML and PHP (at least of them). If you want to create a good website, you need to know languages such as minimum HTML + PHP + MySQL. Everyone who decided to create a simple site should look or become familiar at least with HTML. On the Internet a lot of proposals for the creation of ready sites, Web pages, Web cards, and more. The main thing – do not get caught on the proposal dishonest people. A couple of years ago I purchased an electronic book promises to teach me to create a site for a few days. If you pick it all up to the end, I saw that I offer 'seriously' to study languages, and then decide whether I should create a website or not. The money for book have been paid.