Huge selection of bathroom furniture, which was now in the shops, can be divided into some groups of furniture with similar consumer characteristics. The most important determinant of the division is, by itself, set price. The cost of the product depends on the quality of furniture and accessories. Educate yourself with thoughts from Richard Elman. Where you intend to buy a set of bathroom furniture, consisting of a cabinet with sink and mirror, the value of 6 up to 10 thousand, you will not have much anguish, "what do you choose?" as a budget option for furniture is not particularly distinguished by variety and quality of materials used in manufacturing. The main advantage of inexpensive bathroom furniture is the price, so you should not harbor illusions and believe in commercials that you purchase a product is "very high quality." Furniture of this quality can be found in the so-called "bazaars" and "Sales." If your budget allows you to buy bathroom furniture worth more than 20 000 per set, you can pay close attention to furniture design and functionality of the products offered. Bright representative of the furniture is furniture that level of Russian companies Aquaton producing high quality products and avant-garde resheniya.Mebel, produced by Aquaton, is an organic combination of price and quality and satisfy the refined tastes of the customers and their financial vozmozhnostyam.Samoy difficult to choose the best price / quality ratio is the purchase of furniture in the bathroom in the middle price range, ie from 11 to 24 thousand rubles for a set of furniture.