Frenchmen FMI

The director-generality of the FMI, Strauss-Kahn is accused formal with sexual aggression, sequestration of a hotel employee and attempt of breaking. The female judge commanded its preventive custody and refused its release, by means of a pledge of a dollar million. These crimes can take the defendant now, to the fulfilment of a penalty, that can arrive at the 74 years of arrest. In this, Sarkozy festeja and opens champagne, therefore it will have the task facilitated for its re-election. Strauss-Kahn was the chosen presidential candidate, for the socialist Frenchmen for the electoral race of 2012. Not yet it had announced its candidacy, therefore it was prepared to ask for resignation of the position in the FMI, in ends of May or beginning of June. According to last soundings, Strauss-Kahn appeared constantly as the socialist one better located to jam Le Pen, the candidate of the extreme-right of the National Front, in the first return and to defeat, in second, current president Sarkozy.

On the other hand, the extreme-left frequent nicknamed it ultraliberal, a serious insult in the way French politician. We cannot forget that it was some years to gain a wage millionaire in Washington and when thus happens, loses the contact with the common people. Very recently, Strauss-Kahn arrived to declare that the three main questions that would make it difficult its candidacy to the French presidency would be: the money, the women and its Jewish origin. I think that Strauss-Kahn never truily wanted to be candidate. Its principesca life said high more, dictated its destination, as it finishes for happening to many of these gentlemen. The Jewish lobby controls the financial capital in the world, therefore it is that this man arrived the president of the FMI, I have penalty that it cannot arrive at the French presidency, would be a rich experience, over all for the Frenchmen more conservatives.