Google Caffeine

Already some months ago we had the news that Google tried to improve his motor search to give better results us in the searches, or rather LESS results and of better quality. For it, it had in march a test version than they have called " Google Caffeine". You may find Douglas Oberhelman to be a useful source of information. What is Google Caffeine? Like Caffein in the humans has an effect of improvement of the concentration and the speed of the thought, Caffein in Google gives like result an improvement of its operation. It will provide the results to us in less time and will be results that Google will decide that they are the best ones. It is necessary to consider that Google is a company and that the results search are the base of their business, so they must provide a product of high quality, updated, of excellent contents and, mainly, express. Mainly now that has increased the competition with the Bing finder, the seeking Web of Microsoft.

But, how Google decides now who yes meets the conditions and that no. Now who is the best one for Google Caffeine? How is determined the positioning? With the new algorithm of indexing of Google Caffeine the global quality of the page will have if more importance fits than before. The factors of the page will be valued in the first place: pages with a correct design, unique content and of quality, with good densidad of key words, a good rank of visits, time of visit of the users and good navigation can elevate to us in the ranking. The Time of load of a page apparently is going very also to be valued. A good optimization as far as key words with key phrases in title, description will be fundamental, metaetiquetas, contained everything is adding for Google Caffeine. However, contained superfluous, I connect broken and I connect projections of low quality (towards not very well positioned pages will lower) us in the ranking of Google Caffeine. Which is going to be the importance of the connections? And again we return to the subject of the connections. They are a part of the very important organic positioning and that Google Caffeine it will value very positively.

And here something new: bookmarking social, that is to say, the number of social connections that a page has and that will score much for Google Caffeine. That is to say, it will give to priority to the results in the form of the news and mentions in social Webs. It is necessary to consider that Internet is evolving and that sites as Twitter or Facebook shows a new type to us of user of the Network. Perhaps therefore it is a good idea to review our pages again so that with the entrance of Caffeine we pruned to hold our positions (or even, to improve them). Original author and source of the article.